The Unexpected Bra Color That's Invisible Under White T-Shirts

Consider the above photo of a stylish, color-clad Romee Strijd a clue. Have you guessed yet? Okay, it’s red! We know—we were just as surprised when we found out, but it’s true. How, you may ask? Well, according to bra expert and marketing coordinator Josie-Anne Le Diouron of Empreinte North America, “The red fabric actually absorbs the light in a way that makes it blend with the color of the skin underneath a white top.” However, if you want it to be most effective (i.e., as invisible as possible), opt for “a true red or something deeper with a blue undertone” and “avoid reds with an orange or pink undertone.”

Don’t worry—you can still depend on a nude or black bra (depending on your skin tone) to stay discreet under a white shirt too, but if you’re looking to switch it up or buy a new bra in the near future, keep in mind that red also does the trick.

Now that you know, shop our red bra picks in a range of price points, styles, and sizes!

Available in sizes 36C to 48DD.

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