These Pretty $40 Flats Are Best Sellers, Says Zara

Ever since Zara launched its Best Sellers category, it's become our second stop when perusing the site (after New In, naturally). Currently, nestled among the coats and sweaters that everyone is stocking up on (because winter), there are a few pairs of highly covetable shoes, and since everyone loves pretty shoes, we'd be remiss not the point out the ones that Zara shoppers are clearly enamored with: dark red bow-adorned velvet loafers. With the holiday season on the horizon, fashion girls are undoubtedly filling their wardrobes with comfortable flat shoes that are festive enough to wear to the parties and holiday gatherings to come. But since they're velvet, which is subtler than, say, glitter, they're also appropriate for more low-key occasions like work and errands this season.

The burgundy (one of our all-time favorite fall colors) flats will set you back a mere $40, which is a small price to pay for such a pretty, expensive-looking pair of shoes, in our opinion. So before all your friends (and the rest of the Zara-crazed world) beat you to it, shop the pretty best-selling flats below!

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