The Best-Reviewed Pretty Sneakers on All of Nordstrom

Nordstrom is a hotbed of pretty sneakers. But we're well aware that the term "pretty sneakers" is a bit subjective. (Among the criteria we used to classify them for this story were color, special details and embellishment, texture, and shape.) What isn't subjective is whether or not a particular sneaker has excellent reviews from Nordstrom shoppers. The sneakers in this roundup have both pretty qualities and positive reviews, and that's why we love them. 

There are literally thousands of sneakers available on Nordstrom at any given time. Between the Reebok, Nike, Adidas, and Vans (and so many more), we didn't have any trouble finding plenty of beautiful ones, and people can't stop raving about the 12 that are listed below. It's a new year, which is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a new pair of sneakers, so keep scrolling to shop the pretty ones that people are freaking out over on Nordstrom.

Every hue is a win, but especially this mint-green one.

4.5 stars, 675 review at press time.

Found: pretty sneakers you can actually run in.

4.75 stars, 330 reviews at press time.

This celeb-favorite style is also a Nordstrom shopper favorite.

4.25 stars, 34 reviews at press time.

You may not want to run in this pair, but they're definitely pretty.

4.75 stars, 44 reviews at press time.

These reviews say it best: "stylish and practical" and "classic neutral with a little shine."

4.5 stars, 160 reviews at press time.

This pastel color combination just works.

4.25 stars, 947 reviews at press time.

Isn't everything better pearlized?

4.75 stars, 43 reviews at press time.

Seventies style, '80s color combination.

4.5 stars, 76 reviews at press time.

As comfortable as they are pretty.

4.75 stars, 36 reviews at press time.

Reviewers rave about how truly comfortable these athletic sneakers are.

4.5 stars, 499 reviews at press time.

In case you prefer for your sneakers to be a little "extra".

4.75 stars, 125 reviews at press time.

Proof that functional sneakers can still be beautiful.

4.75 stars, 72 reviews at press time.

In Opening Image: J.W. Anderson Disc Leather Satchel Bag ($1990)

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