14 Pretty Under-$100 Nordstrom Items With Top-Notch Reviews

Pretty, affordable fashion items



I spend a lot of time scrolling through Nordstrom's inventory and can enthusiastically confirm that it's a hotbed of affordable, pretty items. And something about Nordstrom shoppers: They love to leave reviews. And as a shopper, I'm very influenced by product reviews. If I'm on the fence about a particular item and it has tons of great reviews, I'm definitely tipped to the "add to cart" side of the fence.

For this roundup, I combined a few things we all love (just a hunch since we all clicked in to this story): Nordstrom, good reviews, pretty and affordable pieces. With these criteria in mind, I found 14 items that you might find appealing. Keep scrolling to shop, and feel free to read the plethora of five-star reviews if you're on the fence.

If ever there were a time to buy these…

4.2 stars, 91 reviews

A lovely ($15!) top to have on hand for warmer days ahead.

4.3 stars, 27 reviews

A lovely, lightweight necklace you can wear every single day.

4.5 stars, 13 reviews

I love this cool color paired with the sweet print.

43 reviews, 4.3 stars

Soft material, dreamy print, tons of reviews—sold.

891 reviews, 4.2 stars

This seems like a small price to pay for perfect sandals.

10 reviews, 4.1 stars

Nothing is softer than a pair of Beyond Yoga leggings. Many shoppers seem to agree.

73 reviews, 4.5 stars

An easy way to embrace this season's crochet trend.

166 reviews, 4.1 stars

Given that this necklace is currently on sale, it's probably about to get even more reviews.

843 reviews, 4.9 stars

I did a double take when I saw how many reviews this knit dress has.

3.2K reviews, 4.6 stars

Guess I found your new swimsuit cover-up.

395 reviews, 4.1 stars

Just the thing to wear with white tees and denim this summer.

10 reviews, 4.3 stars

I don't know why, but I keep putting these pretty scrunchies in stories lately. Guess it's time for me to buy them myself.

65 reviews, 4.3 stars

Ribbed knitwear looks so much more expensive than plain knit jersey. (More on that here.)

5 reviews, 5 stars