25 Ultra-Pretty Nail Art Ideas We Are Obsessed With

Let’s be honest: Sunny days and al fresco evenings often get us excited about the prettier side of beauty. Suddenly, even those of us that are classic nail fans through and through are thinking about opting for a hint of colour and maximalists are embracing the prettiest standout hues.

While I have been a natural manicure girl for years now, every summer I have at least one YOLO moment when I get the urge to go bold. This month I did an all-over lime green, and I loved it and definitely got a lot of compliments when I go for something out of the box rather than super simple Ballet Slippers vibes .Because of this, I have been saving more pretty nail art designs lately. I think I’m ready to take the next step towards covetable nails by bringing these inspiration pictures to my next gel manicure appointment. But first, I guess I have to narrow down the options. The thing with delicate, pretty nail designs is that they suit any nail length and shape, and often this is what differentiates the vibe. Short and natural? It gives a dainty, soft vibe. Long and square, it’s a fierce meets fun situation!

There are so many pretty designs to pick from—from colours to shapes and patterns to pastels and flashes of vibrant hues, I’m keen to upgrade my next appointment with one the designs below.

The Best Pretty Nail Designs


(Image credit: @nayelizabethh)

These swirly nails are such a pretty take on a nude nail look. I love it when long, sharp, square nails have a softer nail design—a gorgeous contrast.


(Image credit: @paintboxnails)

This design reminds me of a Calippo ice lolly, and I’m here for it.


(Image credit: @enamelle)

Hailey Bieber glazed doughnut nails are so popular right now, and seeing how pretty this holographic effect is up close, you can see why.


(Image credit: @paintboxnails)

This half-moon design is minimal but beyond pretty. You could experiment with pastels and nude shades too.


(Image credit: @miasecret)

I’ve never tried watercolour nails before but this pastel design has me rethinking.


(Image credit: @varnishlane)

Floral designs are very on trend right now, but I haven’t seen many with poppies as the design which is why I’m so drawn to this.


(Image credit: @enamelle)

Sometimes you forget there’s no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to nail design. If you want to switch the style for each finger, who’s stopping you?


(Image credit: @varnishlane)

Sure, the swirly prints look amazing in pastel but it’s the white accent that really sets this design apart from others.


(Image credit: @enamelle)

Playing with abstract shapes in pastels and brights? So pretty and so here for it.


(Image credit: @varnishlane)

Checkmate. This chequerboard design is a good way to wear a few of your favourite shades in one go.


(Image credit: @themaniclub)

Something about this mani has me gasping for a mimosa.


(Image credit: @varnishlane)

Such a dreamy design from Varnish Lane, my head is out of the clouds and firmly on this manicure.


(Image credit: @nailartbyqueenie)

Things are looking peachy with this gradient cuticle and French tip combo.


(Image credit: @varnishlane)

I have stared at this photo for five minutes trying to work out if the top coat is holographic or just super glossy.


(Image credit: @nailartbyqueenie)

Butterfly nails are the prettiest but the black outline gives this such an edge.


(Image credit: @hollyfalconenails)

Swiggles? Check. Jewels? Check. What’s not to love about this minimalist design.


(Image credit: @nailartbyqueenie)

I’m so used to glossy talons that I’d forgotten how good a matte finish can be.


(Image credit: @paragonnails)

How sweet is Paragon Nails abstract take on the tradition French manicure?


(Image credit: @harrietwestmoreland)

These dainty lines take a true steady hand but when executed to perfection like this by Harriet Westmoreland it is minimal magic.


(Image credit: @hollyfalconenails)

A pretty posy of flowers for nail art keeps spring alive for that bit longer.


(Image credit: @harrietwestmoreland)

Finish a sweet colour pick with an even sweeter teeny tiny loveheart.


(Image credit: @cococuenco)

This colour combination is screaming to be worn as summer turns to autumn.


(Image credit: @nails_of_la)

Must note; nail tip designs are not complete without gold accents.


(Image credit: @buffcs)

Polka dots are back in fashion and dainty dots are the easiest way to channel the trend into your manicure.


(Image credit: @buffcs)

Fruity beauty at its finest, this strawberry design really has my heart (and next nail appointment).

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