I Spot Compliment-Worthy Trends Like It's My Job—These Looks Get an A+

I’ll be the first to admit that my day-to-day uniform is “basic” in theory—a black sweater, moto jacket, jeans, and boots. While this look is seemingly chic and elevated (at least from my perspective), I do like to spice it up from time to time with a curveball trend that’s a bit out of my comfort zone. After all, I find that it’s those special, more unexpected items that tend to get the most compliments.

While there's a variety of said statement-making looks out there right now (cue slime green), I noticed a smattering of fresh trends throughout the S/S 20 collections that are worth testing out thanks to their impactful and compliment-worthy nature. To show you what I mean, I pulled a range of fashion girls already wearing the A+ trends in question.

With all that in mind, keep scrolling for a bit of visual and shopping inspiration. As you’ll see, every look coming your way is quite photogenic—and I think will nab you a few extra double-taps on the ’gram or a couple double takes IRL.

1. Tangerine Dream
How to wear the color orange



When you think of popular color trends, orange hasn’t typically been as high on the list compared to other front-runners like hot pink and mint green. But as multiple designers—from Tibi to Gabriela Hearst—and fashion girls alike have showcased, this is one luscious hue that will add the pop your outfit needs to nab a compliment (or seven). Try it in the form of a sweater with your favorite skirt (like with this outfit) or really lean into the look by opting for an orange dress as an alt to an LBD for your next event.

2. Spot-On
How to pull off polka dots



Want a spot-on outfit? Try the 2020 print du jour. Yes, as you probably already guessed, I’m talking polka dots. This pattern appeared in a range of collections as an easy way to bring a playful, eye-catching spin to a look. While black-and-white polka dots are ruling in dress form, we’re starting to see colorful iterations pick up steam as well.

3. Ruffle Those Feathers
How to wear ruffle tops



It’s all about the details, right? If it’s a directional outfit you’re looking for to stand out, try a dress, top, or jacket with a ruffled accent. Here, I’m talking about ruffles cascading down one sleeve of a blouse or, as this fashion girl is showcasing, on the collar. Honestly, the bigger the better to make a serious impact.

4. Shine On
The best statement shoes with metallic and crystal accents



When it comes to footwear, it’s the little extras—like gold chain ankle details and flashy crystal danglers—that will upgrade classic shoe silhouettes. Sure, your neutral pumps and sandals will remain staples, but stepping into one of these extra styles is how you’ll really stand out.

5. Puff Along
How to pull off puff sleeve tops



In the same vein as the voluminous dress trend comes a 2019 carry-over: puff-sleeve tops. For 2020, the exaggerated shoulders and balloon sleeves will get even larger—like those showcased in Khaite's and Christian Siriano's collections and in the closets of many style-setters like with this green puff-sleeve dress.

6. Volume Up
How to wear a voluminous midi dress



While opting for a voluminous dress or skirt (like those highlighted in the collections at Balenciaga and Thom Browne) might seem a bit over-the-top for your day-to-day, the look is actually pretty doable—especially if you’re looking to turn a few heads. Similar to this outfit here, try a midi dress, for example, that has slightly more shape than a standard dress you’d see everywhere.

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