5 Preppy Trends the Fashion Crowd Is Very Into Right Now

I've never considered my style to be preppy—I have a penchant for neutral colors and haven't worn a pleated skirt since my high school cheer squad. I've always admired preppy style from a distance, though, living vicariously through Gossip Girl school uniforms, but recently I've found myself saving countless Instagram outfit photos full of preppy elements. It seems like everywhere I look, I'm seeing fashion influencers across the globe sporting the preppiest trends you can think of but styling them in ways that feel as current as ever. 

From exposed collars to sweater-vests to polo shirts, preppy elements can be found all over the fashion crowd in the coolest ways. The outfits I've found myself saving are those that pair preppy details with modern pieces, like chunky gold chains or loose jeans, to balance things out. Keep scrolling to see what I mean, as I've outlined the five preppy trends fashion people can't get enough of right now. 


How to style a sweater vest



Sweater-vests have made a bold comeback in the past few months, going from virtually extinct to one of the biggest trends on Instagram. Fashion people tend to be gravitating toward oversize sweater-vests, pairing them with miniskirts or jeans, or more fitted versions worn atop an oversize button-down. 

I love the oversize look of this one. 

Go full prep with this collared vest. 


Cool preppy trends to try



The fashion crowd has been all about the draped sweater for a while now, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. The beauty of it is the simplicity—throw a sweater over your shoulders with virtually any outfit, and you look instantly more polished and directional. 

The easiest way to add a pop of color. 

Talk about a color that goes with everything. 


Once reserved for prep schools, the exposed collar is taking over the fashion world right now. You can find collars poking out of everything from collegiate sweatshirts to chunky cardigans to bold coats. It's one of those trends that are beyond easy to try out, and you most likely already have the pieces you need. 

5 preppy trends to try now


The preppy trends fashion people love


Fashion people can't stop wearing these preppy trends



You can never have too many white button-downs. 

This collar detail will look so pretty peaking out of a sweater. 


5 preppy trends to try now



Once reserved for tennis pros, the pleated skirt is having a moment right now. The mini length is perfect for springtime, and I'm loving the look of it paired with something more oversize on top for a nice balance. 

5 preppy trends that will be everywhere this spring


The preppy trends to try this spring



A black version feels like the easiest way to dip your toe in the pleated-skirt trend. 

You'll wear this far beyond spring. 


The preppy trends fashion girls love



A polo shirt makes any outfit feel polished, whether it's jeans, trousers, or even sweats. This spring, the fashion crowd is opting for short-sleeve versions in brighter colors, and I can honestly say I'll be doing the same. 

5 preppy trends that are about to be everywhere


The 5 coolest preppy trends for spring


Preppy trends to try in 2021



Obsessed is an understatement. 

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