7 Tips for a Stylish Pregnancy

If you're trying to figure out how to deal with your closet during your pregnancy, don't fret. Sure, pregnancy isn't a one-size-fits-all matter, but with a bit of patience and a whole lot of creativity, you can achieve a stylish and fuss-free wardrobe. Whether you decided to try out maternity rental services or to pull through with frocks you already own, there's plenty of ways to approach your budding style.

If that's the case, you simply need to pick out the trends you like and adapt them to your new body. That way, you'll spend nine months in comfort without breaking the bank.

Keep on reading to find seven simple pregnancy style tips that will become your own personal style revelations.

Go monochrome 

You can never go wrong with a monochrome outfit, no matter the season. And especially, if it's in a neutral color. Simply throw on some comfy combat boots and go.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

If you're a hat person, now is your time to shine. Don't be afraid to accessorise your weather-friendly outfits with a trusty wide-brim hat or even a bold coloured bag.

Suit Up 

Keep making power moves during your pregnancy with a statement power suit. Not only can you wear it to office meetings, but you can also dress it up accordingly for a night out with your significant other.

Mix and Match Prints 

Prints were made to be mixed together. Not only will the perfectly calculated clash elevate your outfit instantly, but it's so much more exciting than a safe maternity look.

Invest in a Good Tote Bag

You're juggling so many new things during your pregnancy that one thing that can help you stay organised is a good (and stylish) tote bag.

Keep It Comfortable and Classy

There's a reason trousers and sweaters are always a fashion favourite. Their versatility and comfort is one you won't get tired of before, during, or after your pregnancy. Simply stack up on your favourite necklaces and pointed-toe flats, and you'll keep things interesting every time.

Try Statement Shoes 

If you want to keep your pregnancy style pretty simple and classic, try statement shoes to finish off your outfits. From printed ankle boots to pointed-toe flats to embellished slide sandals, there's a handful of footwear styles that will make your outfit pop while still remaining comfortable.

Inspiration for days!

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