I'm So Over Unrealistic Street Style

 There's inherent glamour in going to fashion shows, but for me, a day can be studded with plenty of un-glamorous moments too. Running for a subway train, jostling my way through throngs of showgoers to find my seat, wolfing down a sandwich on the go – these are all #NYFW moments that may not make my Instagram stories, but are part of the reality. Along with the reality is a fact: I dress for a week of work

Ask anyone the "point" of fashion week, and they'll say to check out the upcoming collections of top designers. Yet, with the rise of Instagram, what showgoers wear on the way to their seats generates its own sort of buzz, with many women (myself included) looking to street style for outfit inspiration. In turn, the streets can sometimes feel like a frenzy, full of people lingering outside of shows with the solo purpose of being photographed, dressed in sky-high heels, and climate-inappropriate ensembles. They're aspirational sure, but not achievable. 

I offer plenty of props to my friends and fellow editors whose own personal brand of street style is about making practical fashion feel special. When the daily step count tops 12,000, there's no room for wearing clothing (and shoes) that can't handle the job. Increasingly I've found that the outfits that inspire me most are ones that are actually wearable (read: not head-to-toe designer), but still manage to capture a little something special.

Below, I'm highlighting a few of my favorites from this week. Outfits where you might not know who each woman is wearing, but they all still offer a style to aspire to. A certain ease and polish that on my most frazzled days, I hope to achieve (even though I likely fall short). My mantra: bring back practical fashion.