Every Working Woman Should Own This Powerful Color 

Not that you need it, but if there is a color out there that will demand you more respect in the workplace, why not wear it? We're talking about the color red. Although it is thought of as one of the more difficult colors to pull off, red has been statistically and psychologically proven to have positive benefits for the person wearing it. Think of other things in the world that are colored red—fire trucks, valentines, fire extinguishers, etc. This passion-inspiring color is said to be active and intense, meaning if you want to command attention from your fellow co-workers or employees, wearing red is your best bet. 

To further encourage you to sport this vibrant hue in your office, we gathered a series of street style photos of women looking like total bosses for you to draw style inspiration from, in addition to a series of some of the facts about red that we thought were the most interesting.

Below, some of the most striking facts about this powerful color, our favorite ways to style it, and where to shop it! 

Keep reading for our red styling guide and shopping options!