The 6 Zara Items Every London Girl Already Owns

Meet Lauren, Who What Wear's fashion editor and co-founder of The Devils Wear Zara. Lauren is so obsessed with Zara that we started calling her The Zara Scout. Now she's turning the nickname into a franchise so she can regularly share her insider knowledge of the brand, including all her hacks, secrets, and must-haves with you.

When you're as in love with Zara as I am, sometimes it can feel like you've really just seen it all. I follow all the influencers, stalk the new arrivals page, and even write a column dedicated to trying on the latest pieces for you all IRL. With Zara so intensely saturating my life, I often feel like I'm on autopilot when scrolling through the pages of products and I hate that feeling. So, in an effort to step outside of the box and gain a fresh perspective, I tapped our Who What Wear UK editors for their insight into what the most stylish girls in London are buying from the affordable retailer. 

Since our UK team is much more in tune with all of the trends, influencers, and products currently generating buzz in London than I am, asking them for help was a no-brainer. Some of the Zara products ahead are ones I had seen time and time again, but never really gave a second thought to, but now, after seeing how London's fashion girls are styling them, I am finally seeing some of these items in a whole new light, and I think you will too. 

Ahead, discover all the chic Zara items London girls have been buying and shop them for yourselves. 

Strappy Sandals

"Everyone is going mad for Zara's sandal selection right now, and for good reason! Jessica Skye is a big fan and always makes them look extra chic." — Alyss Bowen, Associate Social Media Editor, Who What Wear UK 

"I was early onto buying these white strappy sandals and although I feel like EVERYONE has a pair, there are still so many London girls who keep asking me about them, thinking that they're designer… I mean, that's the goal with any high street purchase, right?" — Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief, Who What Wear UK 

Organza Blouses

"This Zara blouse has been making the rounds of Instagram recently, and I'm planning to nab one myself this season." — Joy Montgomery, Acting Assistant Editor, Who What Wear UK 

"It's one of those high-street gems that looks like it could so easily be designer, thanks to its whimsical organza fabric and sheer sleeves. It's become the fashion girl's go-to 'nice top and jeans' top." — Joy

Tie-Dye Dress

"[She's based in Copenhagen, but] Anna is technically a London girl. I can confirm that our editor in chief Hannah Almassi has this exact dress, and I am currently stood in Zara on my day off trying to hunt this beauty down!! (Update: I found the dress, and it’s now hanging in my wardrobe)." — Alyss

"This knitted dress is not only in my wardrobe but that of a few friends too (as well as girls on Insta across Europe). I've noticed pregnant girls in London are loving it, and no wonder as it's a striking color and pattern in the comfiest of fine-gauge, stretchy knits." — Hannah 

Lilac Tweed

"Zara's lilac tweed midi dress with a square neckline and vintage-style buttons down the front has been a firm favorite with the fashion crowd in London. Natalia Barbieri wore it in a shoot we did for WWW UK, and we had so many messages from people saying how much they adored this dress." — Emma Spedding, Deputy Editor, Who What Wear UK 

"It's not only the dress that is proving popular, as the tweed midi skirt is also a favorite with British influencers this month. Ada always finds the best pieces on the high street, so her backing is a clear indication that this is destined for cult status." — Emma

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