120,000 People Agree on This Perfect $50 ASOS Skirt

There are popular fashion items, and then there are those so well-loved and agreed-upon by shoppers that they break through to a whole new level of fame. We count cult buys like this Hanes x Karla tee and these celeb-favorite skinny jeans in this category, and today we're crowning another item with a well-deserved cult status: ASOS Bias-Cut Satin Midi Slip Skirt. In the British e-tailer's annual report, it shared that its popular slip skirt sold a jaw-dropping 120,000 units this past year in a range of sizes and colors, and TBH, we can totally see why it was a huge hit.

At $50, this impossibly versatile staple comes in a range of colors and prints, from classic beiges to trendy animal prints, and the outfit ideas are endless. Being that this skirt now resides in a number of closets worldwide, it didn't take much digging to uncover a few cool ways fashion girls have been wearing it on the 'gram. So go ahead, peruse the perfect skirt in its many color options, and get inspired on how to style it.

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