5 of the Most Popular Fashion Items on the Internet Right Now

As someone who works at an online magazine, manages not one, but two personal Instagram accounts, loves online shopping more than pretty much any other activity, and is a millennial by no fault of her own, you can just imagine how much time I spend on the internet. On the off-chance there’s any confusion here: It’s a lot. As such, I have somewhat of a mental directory of any (noteworthy) fashion items I see on a daily basis. Whether it be on e-commerce, in the news, or on Instagram, my freakishly accurate memory of such things has actually led to my friends, relatives, and even colleagues to ask me for help IDing certain pieces they can’t seem to track down on a regular basis.  

So where am I going with all of this? Well, today I’m calling out five of the most popular pieces I’ve seen on the internet as of late. From the swimsuit that gets regrammed by the hour to the sandals that inspire countless cool outfits, these items are all over my feed and perhaps making their way into my closet very soon. To see what they are for yourself and, of course, shop them while you’re at it, just keep scrolling.  

#5: Timeless Pearly Letter Charms

Now that the brand is sold on Moda Operandi and Matches Fashion, Timeless Pearly is sure to go from being an under-the-radar favorite to It brand any day now.

#4: Bottega Veneta The Pouch

Daniel Lee’s new handbag shape for Bottega Veneta comes in 18 color, size, and texture options and is already gearing up to one of spring’s biggest It bags.

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#3: Chanel Logo Swimsuit 

This one can’t possibly come as a surprise, but I will say that it was a close race between this one-piece and these sandals.

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#2: By Far Libra Sandals 

I’ll admit that after researching these sandals and coming across cool shots of girls wearing them, I’m seconds away from buying a pair myself.

#1: Jacquemus Le Chiquito Bag

I see so many images of this bag daily, it was actually difficult choosing just three. I attribute its success to the unique shape, many color options, and eye-catching small size.  

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