So, I Guess This Is the Chanel Bag We'll All Want in 6 Months


Getty Images

A slew of new designer handbags drop each season, but only a select few end up reaching that cult status. You know what we’re talking about—those styles you essentially salivate over and will do anything to get your hands on. When it comes to one of the It silhouettes of 2019, Chanel reigns supreme (of course), and the experts agree.

"For 2019, we anticipate that Chanel's 'double' bag will be the It bag of the year," handbag expert Charles Gorra, the CEO of Rebag (with two shops that just opened in Los Angeles), told us. "As of now it is unnamed, but it seems it will be available in various materials, sizes, and colors, but also has various types of straps from pearls to chains, making it more jewelry-like."

We stand by this prediction. Because really, two Chanel bags are better than one. Plus, this double-double silhouette feels forward and different, almost like an update to the popular belt bags that invaded 2018. Thoughts on this style? Keep scrolling to check out the bag style poised to rule 2019, and go a bit further to shop Chanel silhouettes to tide you over until then.