I'm a Plus-Size Fashion Editor—These 25 Styles Are on My Spring Wish List

Spring is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to start thinking about how we plan on getting dressed. As a fashion editor who’s plus-size, I’m always on the lookout for size-inclusive pieces that I can see myself wearing over and over again. With that in mind, I took to the online retail world and dug through various offerings. I landed on a handful of gems and the product selects ahead are the culmination of those pretty finds from across the internet. I can't get these styles out of my mind, so I thought I'd share the love with you. 

Ahead shop brighter colored pieces, lighter fabrics, shorter-sleeved tops, skirts, and so much more. Are you in need of the perfect strapless bra for rocking all your voluminous spring dresses? Do you need flowy button-downs to serve as overshirts on breezy days? Keep scrolling to find plus-size friendly basics, staples, and statement picks from top retailers like Nordstrom, Revolve, H&M, Mango, etc. There's definitely something to cater to all your spring dressing needs.



I have this in pink, and it's the most perfect slip dress I've ever owned. Naturally, I want it in black now too. 

I love that this will feel like you have a simple cotton tee on but the texture elevates it a little. 

I need a solid strapless bra to wear with my warmer weather clothes.

Nordstrom has a killer selection of Black-owned handbags. I've been dying to try the Classic Ova Shoulder Bag from Homage Year. 

I love how chic this looks, and it'd pair perfectly with black boots. 

Slingback shoes are all I can think about right now. 

I am an Aries, and I love to wear red in Spring. 

A dainty-looking mesh skirt can be paired with more masculine elements like chunky shoes and a white button-down for a balanced spring look.

I love the crinkled look of this. Imagine throwing it on over your favorite tank top or strapless dress. 

I am of the belief that you cannot have too many striped tees. I need one that is a little bit more black-forward, and I think this one delivers just that. 

I kind of want to try out wearing flares?!

I've recently acquired these, but I am not one to gatekeep! They're wide-width friendly, which we all know can be hard to find. 

These have a waist that's cinch-able. As someone whose pants always have a gaping waist, this will be revolutionary. 

I love a unique take on a classic earring. 

This woiuld be such a fun going-out top. 

I've been needing a new simple black handbag for daily use, and I keep coming back to this beauty by Coach. 

If you don't have a long denim skirt, here's your sign to grab one. 

This goes up to 4X and is only $20. Trust me—you are not being Punk'd.

I love the tiered flowiness of this dress. It's perfect for park sits.