How to Style Platform Sandals With Every Summer Outfit

Two important factors come into play when purchasing new shoes—comfort and style. And when you find a pair that checks off both of those boxes, well, then you've got yourself a winner. Sneakers are an obvious contender, but come warm weather, it's time to let your feet breathe and slip into something a bit airier. And while there is certainly an abundance of walking-friendly sandals on the market, there's something particularly eye-catching about platform sandals.

Soaring high with two- to five-inch heels, platforms are the perfect way to add some height (and elongate your legs) without having to sacrifice comfort or style. Plus, the thick soles and supportive platforms are far more practical (not to mention safe) than thin-heeled stilettos, especially while walking around the city. Plus, in short, the thick-heeled shoes, which come in a variety of styles, always look cool. Just take a look at some of the best platform sandal outfits below (and of course, shop a pair or two for yourself.) You'll be soaring high—pain-free, of course.

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