21 Pink Nails We Are Saving For Our Next Manicure

If you're anything like me, you absolutely love having your nails done. But the hardest part is choosing a nail colour to commit to. While we're big fans of nail art, or opting for a new, bold nail colour, there's something to be said for timeless pink nails. Pink is dependable, goes with all of your outfits, and is neutral–without being boring. Whether you opt for a classic baby pink, an expensive-looking muted tone, or a subtle, translucent wash of pink–AKA, "clean girl" nails–pink is a the tried and tested colour we default to when we're overwhelmed by nail colour options.


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Ahead, you'll find plenty of pink nails to inspire your next manicure. Whether you opt for a baby pink, bright fuchsia French tips or a subtle wash of pink, there's something for everyone.

1. Tonal Pink Nails


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Can't decide which colour pink to go for? We've all been there. Why not opt for a different hue on each nail?


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Want something more subtle? Two similar shades paired together give a nod to the trend.


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An pink ombre manicure lets you experiment with lots of shades, like this pink and orange look.

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2. Baby Pink Nails


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A baby pink is the equivalent of a pair of jeans – it will go with everything.

@iramshelton baby pink manicure

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A pale pink is a smart choice for prolonging your manicure, as the regrowth is less obvious compared to a bolder colour. Even Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a fan.

@raelondonnails baby pink manicure

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Almond-shaped pink nails always look so chic.

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3. Rose Quartz Nails


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If you want your pink manicure to have sparkle and shine without verging into glitter, then rose quartz is a chic option.

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4. Fuchsia Nails


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Fuchsia is making a big comeback. We love how it looks paired with red and orange for summer.


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Sometimes, an energetic shade brings instant zing to your fingertips.

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5. Pink Nail Art


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If you want to switch up your usual pink manicure, nail art is the way to go. This negative space mani with dainty swirls is a cool update.


(Image credit: @betina_goldstein)

We're quite literally in love with this subtle pink and white nail calligraphy. 


(Image credit: @betina_goldstein)

Pink sunset clouds give a dreamy mood to your fingertips.

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6. Pink French Tips

@raelondonnails pink French tips

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For when you want to dabble with a hint of colour, French tips make a great choice. 

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7. Raspberry Pink Nails


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If red is your usual nail colour go-to, then a raspberry pink hue bridges the gap between red and pink. It also makes a great option for toenails, too.


(Image credit: @bettinalooney)

This raspberry hue is the perfect pairing with red for a twist on your usual manicure.

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8. "Clean Girl" Pink Nails


(Image credit: @harrietwestmoreland)

Sometimes, only a neutral manicure colour will do. A sheer wash of pink keeps your nails looking polished–it is like a tinted moisturiser for your nails.


(Image credit: @lefevrediary)

A sheer wash of colour gives your manicure longevity, as translucent shades will show less chipping than opaque colours.


(Image credit: @harrietwestmoreland)

Top your hue of choice with a glossy top coat for a luxe finish.

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9. Neutral Pink Nails


(Image credit: @franfyne)

Neutral pink shades are perfect for any minimalists out there.


(Image credit: @browngirlhands)

It's a great way to add a hint of colour to your nails without going for something too bright or bold.


(Image credit: @betina_goldstein)

Classic and timeless.

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