My Shopping Appetite Has Been More Voracious Than Usual—Take a Look at My Saves



Want to know the most about a person? Look at their saved folder. This time last year, mine was chock-full of home décor photos and pictures of high-concept furniture. This year, it's full of interesting fashion pieces I can't wait to get my body into, especially as my love for fashion has reignited. 

Specifically, I've been inspired by the concept of wearing a lot of strong colors and cool footwear like wedge boots and fanciful heels, but I also have my eye on versatile cool-weather pieces that make a statement all on their own. The West Coast may be my home base right now, but trust me. It's been plenty chilly here, too, and my saves are set up with loads of cool, cozy coats and jackets accordingly.

I could run through the entire list of items currently clogging up my saved folder, piece by piece, but it's always more fun to show you. Keep clicking to see the shopping picks I can't stop thinking about. I'm 99% sure you'll find something you love here too. 

If you're looking for new sneakers to invest in this season, I suggest this cool take on the Club C style from Cardi B's recent collaboration with Reebok.

Most of my outerwear is comprised of classic wool coats right now, so a sporty, cropped puffer like this will add the spice I'm looking for.

My steadfast loyalty to baggy jeans knows no bounds. They're just so versatile!

Zip-up sweaters rank high on my shopping list at the moment—I love how affordable this one is. 

I'm wearing cargo pants more and more, so I guess it doesn't hurt to add a leather version to the pot.

I've never actually bought something from Source Unknown before, but all I know is cool girls love it.

It doesn't feel like it now, but spring is only a few months away. A sweater in a juicy shade of orange will transition nicely.

The chains really do something for me.

According to my sources (aka Instagram), this just might be the new cult accessory on the come-up.

Just imagine how amazing this would look with high-waist trousers.

It's freezing out there, so I feel like this purchase is much deserved.

A knit polo like this could work with sweatpants for a low-key take or with pinstripe pants for a polished look.

A bright-pink bag is just what I needed to wake up my senses.

Since the rise of wedge boots is near, I'm already in preparation mode.

This might be cheating, as they're technically no longer just "saved" and are actively en route to my apartment.

I don't care if it's too cold to wear them. These sandals are a beauty.

I know I already have a few big button-down shirts, but this one is pink, okay?

As that one person who's always cold, these slippers excite me greatly.

Lacausa just released its new workout collection, and it's so good.

A minimalist set will always get lots of use.

Really, no words are necessary for how jaw-droppingly amazing these are. 

Nothing beats a pair of fresh white sneakers.

These have been on my wish list for a while, so I guess it's time to finally add them to my cart.