The 5 Most Photogenic Summer Trends, According to Street Style Photogs

The Most Photogenic Summer Trends


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

As fashion editors, we're constantly poring over hundreds of images to find the best ones to illustrate a wide variety of stories. While we can sift through photos from the comfort of our office chairs, street style photographers are the ones fighting crowds and inclement weather to find the best-dressed guests at events all around the world—and for that, we owe them a lot.

Not only do street style photographers help enrich our stories, but we also look to their expert eyes for guidance on the best trends of the moment. For starters, they're seasoned travel pros, observing what cool girls are wearing in every corner of the globe from Copenhagen to Sydney. They can spot photogenic pieces from a mile away—often in the midst of chaotic fashion week scenes, no less. Naturally, then, we looked to them for advice on the summer fashion trends that will translate to killer photos—no professional camera necessary. Scroll down for answers from Christian Vierig of The Styleograph, Asaf Liberfroind of The Street Vibe, and more.

Christian Vierig, The Styleograph

Colorful Hair Accessories

"Even if you have a bad hair day or there is a lot of wind, you would look good in a street style photo with colorful hair accessories." 

Acielle, Style du Monde


"Feathers and lace are very feminine and a refreshing change from the streetwear trends we saw the last years. Plus they look great in pictures!"

Bold Colors in Silk or Satin

"Nothing looks more striking than the summer sun lighting up shades of fuchsia, blue, green, orange, etc. Many people avoid the sun when it comes to taking a photo, whether it's a professional picture or a quick selfie. Worried about the sun? Throw on some cool shades to avoid the squint and keep the chin up for less shadow, and snap away!"

Barely There Sandals

"Barely there sandals feel very now, and I like photographing them because of their clean look. This is great if you have a minimalist style."

Asaf Liberfroind, The Street Vibe

Exaggerated Details

"When a part of the item—such as a sleeve, silhouette, embroidery, or lace—is so prominently displayed, it produces a very bold and fashionable look that's very exciting, even at fashionable events where people are more careful than the daily life about their clothing."