The Black Shoe Trend That Used to Make Me Cringe Is Now a Thing

As boring as it feels sometimes, we all need black shoes. Speaking from personal experience, I'll say my wardrobe suffers when I don't have good black shoes of every type to wear. This is why I always take note when something new and fresh is happening in the black-shoe arena, but the latest one to emerge this season threw me for a bit of a loop: patent leather shoes.

Until now, the first thing that would come to mind when I thought of the high-shine shoes was my childhood tap dance recitals. The next thought that would come to mind was the patent leather Mary Janes I'd pair with little white dresses pre–age 10. But I'm happy to say that 2018 was the year my perception about patent leather changed. It makes whatever you're wearing a bit more polished and fancy in an instant, and the shiny style is far less boring than its matte black and suede counterparts. I have to admit they've grown on me. (Bonus: They're pretty much waterproof.)

This year, it was impossible not to notice that patent leather shoes had made a return as of late. Cool brands were selling them, and celebrities, influencers, and the fashion crowd have been wearing them. To share the outfit inspiration wealth, I pulled some of my favorite street style examples for your scrolling pleasure and found the best pairs on the market to buy right now—none of which resemble tap shoes.