French Girls Are Into Summer's Prettiest Lingerie Trend

Often, we look to French girls for style inspiration. I’ve investigated everything from their summer wardrobes and vacation style to the cool dresses they wear on repeat and their favorite lingerie styles. When it comes to lingerie, I discovered that most French girls prefer basics in colors like black and nude, but recently I’ve noticed a small shift. I spotted French It girl Camille Charriere wearing pastel pink lingerie in a photo she posted to Instagram. Then I noticed many French lingerie brands like Yasmine Eslami and Chantelle designing pastel pieces in shades of mint, baby blue, and buttercream in their signature styles, so it made me curious to find out more.

When I asked French lingerie designer Yasmine Eslami about why we’re seeing more pastel pieces in her collection, she told Who What Wear, “I generally choose the color palette of the collection based on artists and places that inspire me. I particularly love pastels for lingerie because they represent a softness and are complementary with certain fabrics.” Ah-ha—now it makes sense. All the pieces French girls wear seem to effortlessly work together somehow, so the idea of wearing a color that is complementary with other fabrics strikes me as very French. Ahead shop our favorite pastel lingerie to try the trend for yourself.

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