It's Official: I'm Renting a Showstopping Look for Every Holiday Event


Rent the Runway

Every year, when the holiday party invites roll in, I immediately start to stress about what I'm going to wear. Should I do sparkles? Short dress or long? Classic or pops of color? After I answer all of these questions, attend the event, and take a bunch of selfies, I end up with a closet full of gowns and sequin pieces that I've only worn once. I want to change that, so I'm making the executive decision to rent my holiday attire from now on. Rent the Runway has been my go-to spot, and its offering only gets better with time. Sequins, cut-outs, little black dresses, and so much more are just waiting to be sent to my doorstep for my next holiday party. Rent the Runway's one-time rental option allows you to keep items for four or eight days. In other words, it's perfect for a last-minute look. Still on the hunt for a party dress or a fresh look for the holidays? Keep scrolling for my top picks. 


*Note: Each item below is individually priced based on a one-time four-day rental period.

Velvet Variety

Metallic Moments

Seeking Sequins

Cut-Out Collective