Commuters on the Paris Métro Have the Best Style—7 Outfits That Had Me Spinning


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There's something about the fabulous commuters that travel via the busy Paris Métro. They're focused, quiet, in a rush, and always well-dressed. Now, these are the real Parisians. You'll see lots of people out on the streets with great style, but if they're hoping from cab to cab, they're probably tourists. The people brave enough to travel on the metro, however, know what's up.

I strongly suggest entering the metro system of Paris at your own risk. I spent about a month in Paris this past spring and never walked into the metro system off guard. I frequently advised friends who were visiting to avoid the metros if they weren't super familiar with Paris. If you look lost, you might have an unfriendly encounter with a pickpocket. Since it's predominately locals on the subway, this became one of my best locations for people watching and discovering what true Parisian style looks like. It's not what you think. Cheesy berets, striped shirts, and cardigans aren't super popular underground. Instead, they favor elevated wardrobe staples. Below, find seven looks that remind me of what I saw on the Paris Métro. You're welcome.


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Parisian women love to delve into the classics. Be it a good T-shirt or, in this case, a crisp button-down, there's something to be said about investing in your basics. This is an outfit I saw on repeat in the Paris Métro to the point that it felt like a uniform of the people.

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So the rumors are somewhat true; Parisians do indeed wear cardigans. During my time in Paris, I noticed they stockpiled lightweight knits that felt a little more timeless than the chunky sweaters they've become known for.

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One thing I've learned about Parisians, especially those who commute, is that they're not afraid to shock you with an unexpected styling trick you didn't see coming. Pairing a midi skirt with baggy pants, the metro has seen it all.

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Since Paris is exceptionally hot this time of year and because air conditioning units that Americans have grown dependent on aren't as popular, you might catch a minidress or two. But you should note they will never be styled without a piece of cool-girl jewelry.

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While Europeans aren't known for wearing activewear or attending weightlifting sessions as often as Americans do, many have a soft spot for Pilates. One of the highlights of my trip was getting into a workout class at a Pilates studio. Girls who work out often take the metro, and this is what they'd wear. 

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This look is actually metro-approved, hence the cover photo for this entire story, and there's a specific reason why I love it so much. Nothing is worse than sitting on a train seat with a miniskirt on and feeling your bare skin touch the dirty chairs that line the tin can that hurdles you from point A to point B. A knee-length skirt solves that problem faster than lightning.

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Hanging on the side of a busy corner and watching the people and cars go by is simply a requirement when in Paris. Cue baggy jeans and baby tees, the Gen Z uniform that Parisians don't shy away from. You're guaranteed to see this look on the metro for sure so don't be afraid to give it a try.

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