Paris Has the Best Dressed Frequent Flyers—6 Outfits I Saw and Will Copy ASAP


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CDG (also known as Charles de Gaulle Airport) is a magical place. There are many airports in France, but this one hits different. It's giving Wes Anderson in all the right ways with lots of natural light and a red color scheme. This place will humble you with its strict and pesky bag-weight requirements while inspiring you to be just as well-dressed as its inhabitants. 

I recently spent a month living in France and took at least three visits to CDG during my time there, and I couldn't stop raving about the frequent flyers who travel from this airport to my friends. They wear very cool wardrobe staples in a way that stands out among the sweatpants I often see among travelers at U.S. airports. Below, shop the aesthetic of the six types of travelers that I spotted at the airport and am officially obsessed with. 

Aesthetic #1: Prêt-à-Porter


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There are many types of flyers you'll see at a Paris-based airport, but one of the most common is what I'm calling "prêt-à-porter" aka ready-to-wear. This woman is already dressed for the vacation before it begins. She skips out on oversize sweats and opts for a comfortable vacation look so she can hit the scene the second the flight lands without many touch-ups. 

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Aesthetic #2: Everything But the Kitchen Sink


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The next type of traveler is one that we're calling "everything but the kitchen sink." French women hate little annoyances, so most of them travel with just a carry-on bag. That means they'll end up wearing as much clothing as they possibly can on the plane so that their suitcase can carry the rest. Expect hats, layers, and capaciously large totes.

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Aesthetic #3: The Walking Blanket


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What's the best way to look chic at the airport without sacrificing comfort at all? Wearing a knit maxi dress. You basically are a walking blanket. For French women who truly prioritize comfort above all else, this is the one-stop shop for looking put-together.

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Aesthetic #4: Business Casual


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Note the emphasis on the word "casual." French women like taking traditional businesswear pieces and dressing them down to the max. This was something I saw during my time traveling in the actual city of Paris and among the people at the airport. Pairing a formal shirt with flip-flop sandals is actually a vibe.

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Aesthetic #5: Back to the Basics


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Calling all '90s minimalists! The best way to avoid forgetting your favorite tank top or pair of jeans when you travel is to wear them right on the plane. French women weren't afraid to keep it simple at the airport and made a case for the fact that the simpler the better.

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Aesthetic #6: It's Me… I'm the Drama


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While I mentioned previously that I saw women wearing a lot of basics, I also occasionally saw the statement-making French woman. She still prioritized comfort for her flight but also found a way to wear bright colors or an outfit you'd never seen before. I was instantly obsessed.

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