I'm Hot Off the Plane From Paris—These Chic Items Are All Anyone Cared About


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Now that I’m back on the ground in New York (and, yes, bedbug-free, no need to keep forwarding me the TikToks!), it’s time to get down to business. There’s just nothing like a trip to Paris for a sharp injection of sartorial inspo—between the collections, the street style, and the regular old Parisians doing their thing, my shopping list for fall runneth over.

I'm always on the lookout for worthwhile buys that are on-trend but not too trendy, and the five most-spotted items from this trip all meet the criteria for things I'll wear repeatedly. From the perfect fall jackets and jeans to some of the best black shoes I've seen in a while, I've found loads (loads!) of shoppable picks to suit all sorts of budgets. They nod to this season’s vibe without smacking you over the head with trendiness in a way you quiet-luxury superfans are guaranteed to love.

Low Slingbacks

Likely due to the Prada effect, there were quietly cool slingbacks all over town. Flats felt very present, but mainly, there were kitten heels galore—in a very downtown kind of way. Black absolutely dominated, but brown and metallic styles are clearly on the rise. The energy is chic and busy, polished and cool, and my stiletto-averse-since-2020 feet are rather happy about it. 

V-Neck Sweaters

The weather (as I’ve mentioned to everyone only a hundred times) was gorgeous in a very un-Paris-during-fashion-week kind of way, so sweaters were hardly necessary—which meant they were ripe for wrapping and tying and other cool-girl styling. They were spotted worn around the waist or shoulders (classic), diagonally (trending), or more creatively, e.g., knotted at the cuff, with the sleeve loop worn over the shoulder and beneath a bag, like a cozy backdrop. They were a great moment for a trendy pop of red, but slouchy gray apparently remains the essential effortless French knit, particularly when purchased from the menswear section.

Borrowed Leather Jackets

There was a lot going on with leather (and leather-look) jackets—again, the temperatures meant they were hardly necessary but still very justifiable in the evening when paired with a miniskirt. The silhouette is something adjacent to an oversize bomber or aviator style, but most important is the general sense that you inherited it from a very cool aunt with impeccable taste who, decades ago, perhaps dated Steve McQueen in his heyday and never returned the things he left at her house. Oddly specific? Yes, but tell me I’m wrong.

Tailored Maxis

After this year's onslaught of delightful little miniskirts—the Prada effect striking again—it's only natural to see the trend pendulum (trendulum?) swinging back toward longer styles. Funnily enough, these tailored maxis really don't feel like a huge departure from the mini—more like an extension (literally, I suppose) of their shorter sisters, with clean lines and tidy silhouettes but hemlines that hit a bit farther south. They were every bit as good paired with a matching nipped-waist blazer or vest as they were with slouchy white tees, sneakers, and Khaite belts. Maybe it's the evolution of those long denim skirts we couldn't stop wearing last fall? Either way, it feels like a moment for fall suiting, particularly the pinstripes. 

Mega-Chill Denim

Effortless style is obviously a Parisian cliché, and, yes, we already know wide-leg denim is a thing—but this still felt notable enough to mention because I love when a trend evolves into a staple. You feel justified reinvesting, and that's exactly what I'm doing this season. Mellow, baggy, faded blue denim was everywhere teamed with ultra-polished accessories (statement silver earrings, rich handbags, many excellent belts) and plenty of tailoring. The aforementioned black slingbacks were paired with said loose-fitting jeans to create the bottom half of every outfit du jour from the 8th to Le Marais.

Natalie Cantell
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