These Fragrances Inspired By French Royalty Sparked a Major TikTok Revolution

Sofia Coppola's 2005 award-winning film Marie Antoinette offers vibrant images of pastel hued robes à la française, decadent sweets, romantic flings, and sky-high hairstyles with the cascading curls so commonly associated with the 17th century French royal court. Since my first viewing of the film, I've been on the hunt for little ways to incorporate that colorful and luxurious Rococo energy into my lifestyle; whether it's applying rosy blush to the apples of my cheeks, styling a sweet toile-print, or investing in high-end fragrance brands that make me feel like a queen in my own right. 

Luckily for me, the influence of the French royal court on the world of fashion and beauty are unrivaled. Evidence of this cultural reset can be found in the luxurious perfume selection of Parfums de Marly. Its founder and creative director, Julien Sprecher, created the brand as a pure expression of his passion for perfumery and history. Enamored and inspired by the perfumed court of Louis XV (more specifically his royal residence, Chateau de Marly and his love for the Marly Horses), Sprecher has since launched 30+ high-end fragrances.

With each fragrance holding its own gorgeous olfactory signature, it's no wonder why Parfums de Marly fragrances have been trending for weeks on TikTok. Trust me: they're so good, even Marie Antoinette would be jealous. Read on to discover which of the brand's feminine fragrances have me falling head over heels. 



The Best Fragrances By Parfums de Marly

Key notes: Lily of the valley, Turkish rose, lychee, rhubarb, and white musk

Meet the eau de parfum that's been all over your For You page. It's both delicate and sensual; a charming medley of fresh floral accord and blend of warm woods and amber. A hint of vanilla adds a savory layer of sweetness that's undeniably unique. In other words, you'll smell like a walking bouquet.

Key notes: Rose, jasmine tea, lemon essence, berries, and cedarwood

You've heard it here first: Meliora will be the it fragrance of this spring. Boasting a delicate blend of bight citrus, dreamy florals, and warm musks, this light and airy eau de parfum evokes memories of delightfully hazy summer days spent in the company of loved ones.



Key notes: Red currant, Bulgarian rose, plum accord, sandalwood, and tonka bean

This is one eau de parfum that lives rent free in my mind. Designed as a revolutionary manifesto for new generations of aesthetes, sweet plum, pastel flowers, and sparkling notes of red currant define this fragrance as delightfully indulgent as it is subtle. Wearers can expect to feel (and smell) like royalty.

Key notes: Iris, orange blossom, amber, white musk, and suede

Looking for something more Madame de Pompadour than Marie Antoinette? Parfums de Marly Athalia offers endless sensuality, opulence, and mystery with notes of bitter orange, incense, and amber. Every self-proclaimed femme fatale should add this to their fragrance collection asap.



Key notes: Mandarin, bergamot, blackcurrant, marshmallow, and Chantilly cream

Sweet, youthful, and bright, this mouth watering eau de parfum offers everything you could want in a sugary fragrance. Chantilly cream, one of the signature notes of this perfume, is rumored to have been created in honor of the prince and future king Louis XIV.

Key notes: Bergamot, citrus, rose, patchouli, and praline

Elegance and sophistication are at the heart of this fragrance. With its blend of sweet florals, lively citrus, and cozy patchouli, this eau de parfum happens to be my top pick out of all Parfums de Marly fragrances for an ultra-chic night out on the town.



Key notes: Pear, Turkish rose, incense, vetiver, and vanilla musk

A new take on the classic Delina eau de parfum, Delina Exclusif offers captivating florals perfectly mixed with energetic notes of grapefruit, lychee, and juicy pear for a fragrance that captures the mystery and charm of a garden in bloom.

Key notes: Orange, pear, ylang-ylang, amber, and vanilla

Safanad serves as a reflection of the grace and elegance of a pure thoroughbred. Vibrant orange blossom, smooth vanilla, and a hint of juicy pear grants its wearer an unparalleled olfactory experience fit for a royal.

Ket notes: Transparent flowers, Turkish rose, bergamot essence, pear, and Italian bergamot.

Described as a younger and more vibrant version of their bestselling Delina fragrance, this eau de parfum mixes transparent water flowers, peony, and Italian bergamot for an elegant and refined fragrance you'll never forget.