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You must approach your packing strategy for holiday travel with the same precision and attention to detail as you would putting together the perfect ensemble for your dream job interview. Sure, that may seem extreme—but you probably don't want to overpack and pay those fees for extra bags. Come on: The bills you've racked up from gift shopping are enough, right?

Well, to ensure you're only bringing the most crucial items with you for a visit home with your family, we're breaking down our ultimate travel packing guide. But because we're aware that everyone heads somewhere different for the holidays—some may head to a cold location while others may ditch the snow for a warmer destination—we're showcasing what to pack whether you're heading somewhere cool or warm.

Keep scrolling for our ultimate packing guide featuring the fashion items totally worth bringing. (And note that to keep this consistent, we're planning this around a three-day trip).Follow what's coming your way and you'll even have extra room in case you get that dream gift that's been on your list.

Cold-Weather Trip

1. A Warm Coat

You need a warm coat—that's inevitable, right? This season, go for a puffer (it's very forward).

Available in sizes XS to XL.

2. A Cozy Scarf and Hat

How could you possibly head out in the snow without a sweater and scarf? We love the idea of a monochromatic set for a very current vibe.

3. A Festive Sweater

A fun sweater is not only practical (it's cold!), but it's appropriate for that holiday shindig at home or at your friend's house.

Available in sizes XS to L. 

4. An Everyday Sweater

You'll also need a sweater to lounge in and run around in for any last-minute shopping trips.

Available in sizes XXS to XXL.

5. Classic Jeans

You'll probably be able to get away with wearing jeans most of the time (unless it's party time). We suggest going for a classic style that's sophisticated enough—just in case you need to dress them up.

Available in sizes 24 to 30.

6. A Party Dress

A party dress is key. If you don't want a flashy silhouette, try something in a festive fabric like velvet.

Available in sizes XS to 4X.

7. Ankle Boots

It's no secret that boots are must for a cold-weather getaway. Go for a sleek silhouette you can wear in your off-duty and dressed-up life.

Available in sizes 4.5 to 11.5.

8. Comfortable Flats

For those moments when you don't want to wear heels (like when you go to that family movie), go for chic flats instead with your jeans and sweater.

Available in sizes 35 to 42.

Warm-Weather Trip

1. A Go-To Swimsuit

It may seem obvious, but you can't forget your favorite swimsuit for your quick beach getaway! (We'd even suggest bringing a few styles to switch it up.)

Available in sizes XS to L.

2. Versatile Sandals

While you clearly need sandals for the beach or pool, we recommend going for an all-purpose style you could wear to dinner or drinks, too.

Available in sizes 5 to 11.

3. A Flowy Dress

There's no need to wear something fussy for a relaxing dinner on the beach—a flowy printed dress is comfortable yet appropriate. It can even act as a beach cover-up as well.

Available in sizes 0 to 12.

4. Party Sandals

While you could get away with your flat sandals, a block-heel iteration is ideal for that oceanside holiday party.

Available in sizes 5 to 12.

5. A One-Shoulder Top

You'll need a top to go with that skirt!

Available in sizes 10 to 18.

6. A Denim Skirt

If you don't want to wear your dress for every night out—go for a cute skirt instead.

Available in sizes 23 to 32.

7. A Lightweight Jacket

Go for a suede moto jacket that's not too stiff for the plane.

Available in sizes XS to L.

8. Cropped Jeans

You can not only wear these on the plane, but they're ideal if you plan on doing any sightseeing as well.

Available in sizes 23 to 32.

9. An Easy T-Shirt

A casual T-shirt is a must to go with your jeans.

Available in sizes 14 to 24.

10. Cool Sneakers

A cool pair of sneakers completes any off-duty look.

Available in sizes 6 to 10.

11. Sleek Sunglasses

Sunglasses on a beach vacation? Enough said.

12. A Straw Tote

You'll need something to carry all of those magazines (and sunscreen!) for your lazy holiday beach days.

What are your essentials for holiday travel? Let us know in the comments below.

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