Save These 11 Oversize-Sweater Outfit Ideas for the Dead of Winter

Winter is coming, whether or not we're mentally prepared for it. Unfortunately, gone are the days when throwing on a sweater was more of styling choice and less of an absolute necessity. It's (almost) November, which means that for most of us, we're going to need all the layers we can get from now until March. With that in mind, we're sharing the outfits that have us inspired to reach for our largest, coziest oversize sweaters. Fear not: It is, in fact, very possible to bundle up without appearing frumpy. With just a few styling tricks to keep in mind, you'll want to keep these oversize sweater outfits in constant rotation throughout the dead of winter.

Go on to see the oversize sweater outfits that are inspiring us to layer up in the coziest knits all winter longand shop the coolest sweaters out there.