Oversize Sweaters Over Everything—Here Are 11 Ways to Style Them Flawlessly

I'm not a morning person, so it's tough to leave my cozy comforter in the morning. While I may not be able to take my blanket with me wherever I go, there is a close-second option: oversize sweaters. They have the perfect loose fit so you'll feel relaxed, and they provide a plethora of styling options. They're trending in such a way that when most people think of sweaters, they're often imagining an oversize fit. (Just take a look at the majority of the market.) My knit collection is well-versed, complete with everything from chunky turtlenecks to loose cardigans. I've been looking for some ideas on how to style them this season, so I thought I'd share my outfit mood board with you all.

The weather is warranting these massive knits a necessity, but I'm here to show you that they can be chic, too. Go on to see the oversize-sweater outfits that are inspiring me to layer up in the coziest knits all season long, and shop the coolest sweaters out there.



The chunkier the sweater, the better. Monikh Dale keeps it casual and comfortable with worker pants and furry slides.



Bring the summer vibes into fall with a colorful sweater and flowy skirt.

Instead of wearing jeans or leggings under your favorite printed sweater, try out a pair of leather trousers.



An oversize sweater-vest will always look good over a classic button-up. Chandler Bing clearly is the blueprint.



Try an oversize sweater with coordinating knit pants. It's like an elevated version of the matching loungewear you wear at home.



With the transitional weather these days, an oversize cardigan is your best bet. Layer over a basic tank and trousers for a neutral yet chic outfit.



Sometimes you can just nix pants altogether. Whether it's a sweater that's oversize enough or a dress silhouette, a pair of sneakers add a cool touch to the whole look.



A simple striped sweater is a classic that can go a long way. Even with just a midi dress underneath and flat loafers, the outfit looks amazingly polished.



Instead of keeping to the typical sweater-and-jeans combo, add a poplin shirt for some dimension.



There are so many fun sweater-vests on the market right now, so why not pair them with even more fun jeans? There's no such thing as being too extra.