Fashion People in New York and Paris Wear These Kitten Heel Outfits on Repeat


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I know a lot of Parisians and New Yorkers who are tied to the idea of wearing a pair of heels. No matter how many steps are required in the busy day they have ahead, they’ll find a way to add some glamour to their outfit. That’s why kitten heels come in handy. In these busy and bustling cities, they’re basically required. A casual night out in New York or Paris might mean shuffling from one neighborhood to the other by foot, and a work day for me often requires multiple stops throughout the city.

Outfit formulas are nothing new to New Yorkers and Parisians who live for simplicity and effortlessness in their wardrobes. There are a few outfits that I’ve seen pair well with kitten heels on repeat since the weather warmed up, so I decided to compile them here for your viewing pleasure. Below, find the 10 kitten heels outfits that I highly suggest wearing this summer.


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I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I am currently salivating over this outfit as we speak. Nothing says "effortless French girl attire” like an oversize blue button-down and a white miniskirt. This color combination is all that I packed in my suitcase for my most recent trip because it’s that good. Give it a try with kitten heels—you won’t regret it.

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If there’s one thing that ties all fashionable women together, it’s their love for the classic LBD that simply won’t go out of style. It’s the dress category that you’ll never regret buying into because it will remain in your closet for a long long time. Styling it with kitten heels is a no-brainer.

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New York women like delivering the unexpected at any possible opportunity. While most would reserve their crochet sets for the beach, this wardrobe category actually blends in quite well with the concrete jungle. I’d swap out sandals and style them with a pair of kitten heels so it gives off the elevated New York City vibe that we’re all after.

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I never thought I would demand to be the proud owner of an eyelet-embroidered maxi dress, but I guess I am. I don’t think I can live my life without a beautiful dress like this. I love the versatility of this piece, as it can be worn casually with sandals; elevated with kitten heels; and for formal attire, I’d love to see how it looks with a tall pair of wedges or stiletto heels.

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There’s just something about an all-white outfit that feels so effortlessly chic, it blows my mind. All-white outfits paired with kitten heels create an elegant and chic look that exudes sophistication. The combination of a clean, monochromatic palette with the dainty and feminine charm of kitten heels adds a touch of glamour and playfulness to the ensemble.

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You might not be thinking about leather pants at the cusp of summer, but I am. I’ve found myself vacationing in areas with cooler climates as of late and also am always thinking about fall. Even with summer on the mind, I can’t help but suggest styling your kitten heels with a pair of leather pants—it’s just so chic. 

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I can’t believe there was a time that my wardrobe relied heavily on a pair of wide-leg jeans. Yup, I once was a skinny-jeans girl. But wide-leg jeans are just so much more flattering on me, and wearing kitten heels with them is basically required. A lot of them have a bit of a longer hem, so I find myself slipping them on more often than not with absolutely no regrets.

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I’ve met both New Yorkers and Parisians that operate under an aesthetic that can occasionally be described as "What exactly is going on?” yet they somehow pull it off in the coolest of ways. Now, who would think of styling a pair of kitten heels with leggings? These fashion girls have thought of it all and pulled it off with ease.

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A white button-down shirt and a mid-length pleated skirt create a modern take on a preppy outfit that is both polished and versatile. The crispness of the white shirt complements the structured pleats of the skirt, resulting in a balanced and sophisticated look. Adding kitten heels to this ensemble elevates the overall style with a touch of femininity and grace, creating a harmonious combination of tailored elements and delicate footwear.

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This "old money aesthetic” outfit features a tweed jacket that pairs impeccably with kitten heels. It’s basically the perfect blend of vintage elegance and contemporary style. The textured and refined nature of the tweed jacket adds a touch of sophistication to the ensemble while the kitten heels inject a subtle playfulness and femininity. 

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