I Never Thought Flip-Flops Were Chic, But These Outfits Make Them So Fashionable

I’ve personally never been that into flip-flops in the past. Sure, I’d wear them to the pool or beach but not really in my day-to-day. That said, I totally support those who live in the silhouette despite the fact that it didn’t always align with my personal style. Well, as we covered recently, those fancier flip-flops featuring heels, luxe fabrics, trending shapes, and chic colors continue to make waves throughout the style set, and I’m now here for it. In fact, one of my friends just asked me for a few summer shoe recommendations, and I proudly stated flip-flops (despite my previous thoughts).

To showcase some of the new-wave flip-flops I’m into, I rounded up a few outfits to test out now or note for the future that make the sandal style look even more fashionable. And if you’re shopping at the moment, I’m also highlighting how to get each inspired look.

Stylish outfits with flip flops



A knotted white top feels particularly fresh with trousers and chic flip-flops.

How to wear black flip flops with a dress



Keep it simple yet fashionable by tossing on a printed dress and black sandals.

Elevate flip-flops even more with a chic outfit like this with a puff-sleeve top and trousers.

Outfits to wear with flip flops



Go for a layered look with a white T-shirt underneath a vibrant dress with coordinating flip-flops.

Simple and clean—a tank, comfy pants, and flip-flops just work.

A ribbed dress and flip-flops make for an easy and posh pairing.