9 Trends We're So Glad We Didn't Invest In



There's a lot that goes into the job of a fashion editor, but trend research is always one of the top priorities. We are constantly stalking runways, retailers, and influencers to be able to locate and report on the newest trends before anyone else. After a handful of years honing our skills, we've learned how to identify the difference between trends that are fleeting versus trends that are here for the long-haul. With that in mind, I decided to reach out to my stylish coworkers to find out which trends as of late they are actually glad they didn't invest in versus the ones they are buying now. 

Now, this doesn't mean the trends they passed on investing in aren't relevant or stylish—it simply means in regards to their personal style, said trend wasn't a fit and they are glad they didn't succumb to the peer pressure of its popularity. So if you've been curious as to what fashion editors are investing in and shopping these days, you've come to the right place. Ahead you will get to read up on the trends the Who What Wear editors are glad they didn't end up investing in plus a whole lot of shopping as they explain the ones they are still super stoked on. 

Passed On: Argyle

Buying Now: Checkerboard 

"I love a good grandpa trend, but I'm glad I didn't invest heavily into the argyle print and instead stole it from my dad's closet (sorry, not sorry!). Instead, I'm loving checkered print much more, especially in knitwear and tops. It's just so much fresher and seems like something I'll keep in my closet for a long time, especially in the classic black-and-white colorway."

Passed On: Slime green

Buying Now: Bubblegum pink

"I primarily wear neutrals, but I do dabble in bold colors from time to time. One color trend I didn't try is the slime-green trend. Sure, it's eye-catching, but it wasn't necessarily for me. Instead, I'm excited to go for all of the pretty bubblegum pieces this season. I love how playful and fun the hue is."

Passed On: Victorian-inspired blouses

Buying Now: Interesting fitted knits 

"I remember when big Victorian-inspired blouses were everywhere (they're still going strong within the Scandi aesthetic), but recently moving to the West Coast, and only really going out for errands, these tops don't really suit my lifestyle anymore. Instead, I'm loving fitted knits—specifically those with an interesting neckline or cutout. I find them much easier to style with my more casual pants and skirts, and they're super easy to layer."

Passed On: Bermuda shorts

Buying Now: Corset-inspired tops 

"As cool as they look on some people and as much as I love shorts, I'm glad I didn't spend any money on Bermuda shorts as they're not flattering on me. A trend that I'm happy to try this season is corset-inspired tops. I'm just glad that the 2021 iterations are more comfortable than the Regency-era ones."

Passed On: Babydoll dresses

Buying Now: Midfriff floss

"I'm so glad I didn't go too hard on those oversize babydoll dresses in the past since it's a silhouette that has never suited me. I much prefer something that defines my waist instead of hides it, which is why I'm excited about trying a wraparound top or dress like the ones Jacqumemus and Christopher Esber are offering—'midriff floss,' if you will."

Passed On: Colorful leather separates 

Buying Now: Lightweight knits 

"I'm glad I didn't invest too much into colorful leather separates. While the trend always pops up in collections season after season, it feels far too 'dressed up' for me at this point in time. Instead, I'm sticking to softer lightweight knits that are easy to wear on a daily basis." 

Passed On: Latex

Buying: Side cutouts and open backs

"Honestly, I'm so happy I didn't invest in the latex trend that dominated F/W 20 runways. As much as I love the look, I can't imagine trying to work from home in latex anything. That being said, I love the latex sultry energy, hence why I am living for side cutouts and open-back pieces. Letting my skin breathe this season gives the same hot-girl vibe without the constricting fabric."

Passed On: Extreme cutouts

Buying Now: Skin-baring pieces

"As much as I love the extreme cutouts that have pretty much taken over Instagram, they aren't something I'm planning on adding into my closet at the moment. That being said, I do plan to wear some of the skin-baring trends on the horizon for spring, starting with exposed midriff pieces."

Passed On: Split-hem leggings 

Buying: Loose denim 

I have never been a fan of leggings as real pants despite the fact that pretty much everyone disagrees with me. I prefer jeans always, but this year, I'm investing more in looser fits to accommodate my more casual at-home lifestyle.