4 Outdated Jewelry Trends and 4 That Are Right on the Money

I think many of you would agree that jewelry is the most personal of fashion purchases. Everyone wears jewelry differently—some people might wear a certain ring or bracelet 24/7, while others only put something on for a special occasion. Some might wear cherished family heirlooms, while others revel in experimenting with of-the-moment trends. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, one thing's for sure: jewelry holds a special place in every fashion lover's heart. 

I recently mined Instagram to discover what jewelry trends stylish women are and aren't wearing right now, and I came away with some fascinating findings. That said, keep in mind that jewelry trends come and go, so certainly anything that is less popular right now could come back in the future. What goes around comes around, after all. Scroll down to see what's in and out right now. 

Less Popular: Simple Stud Earrings

More Popular: Unconventional Pearls



I wish someone would buy me these stunners for Christmas. 

The only thing I like better than these earrings is the brand's name. 

Such a beautiful yet subtle statement. 

I love the unexpected pop of red. 

I'm obsessed with mismatched earrings. 

It's not every day that Simone Rocha is on sale. 

Less Popular: Plastic and Lucite Jewelry

More Popular: Heritage Designer Keepsakes



Cartier Love Earrings are such a classic choice. 



Long live Chanel logos. 

The kind of thing you'll pass down to your granddaughter. 

This beautiful bracelet is one of Bvlgari's best sellers. 

Less Popular: Shell Necklaces

More Popular: Initial Necklaces



This one combines two trends: pearls and initial necklaces. 

Less Popular: Monochrome

More Popular: Mixing Colors and Materials

Roxane Assoulin has cornered the market when it comes to colorful jewelry. 

This ring certainly looks more expensive than its $29 price tag. 

Such a joyful color combo. 

Why let kids have all the fun with rainbow-colored jewelry? 

These daisies are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 

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