The 5 Best-Selling Items Insiders Have Already Retired

Trends come and go so quickly that it can be hard to keep up. As soon as you've zeroed in on a trend and decided to adopt it into your own wardrobe, you learn that fashion insiders have already retired it in favor of the next latest-and-greatest item (which makes you feel out of the loop and behind the times). It's quite clear to anyone who's ever tried it on their own: Trend-spotting is a full-time job.

Lucky for you, trend-spotting is our full-time job. From the 13 buzziest swimwear trends you can expect to see this summer to the top jewelry trends you need to know before accessorizing any outfit, we do all the research for you so you can stay ahead of the fashion curve. Keep scrolling to see which best-selling items fashion insiders have already retired (and what they're wearing instead).

Retired: Micro-Bags


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According to Sarah Davis, the founder of resale site Fashionphile, as trends cool down, the site actually sees more of that trend. Let her explain: "The interesting thing with what we do is that we can see trends cooling not because sales are up necessarily, but because we get so much more of that product in. When a style is super hot, we won't get a ton of it in because people are holding onto it." So if a certain item is trending on Fashionphile, it actually means that item is losing trendiness. Interesting, right?

The type of item that Fashionphile has seen more of recently is micro-bags. "The teensy-tiny bag that doesn't hold even a cell phone has been hot for a while," says Davis. "We are getting a ton of tiny micros in. Again, the great thing for us is that when a style cools down, that just means we get 10 more of that inventory in. And it's not cold everywhere—somebody still wants it!"

Adopted: Crossbody Bags

Instead of wearing micro-bags, fashion girls are opting for traditional shoulder and crossbody bags. "Crossbody bags are super popular. I'd say smaller crossbodies that are practical," Davis says.

Adopted: Logo Bags 

Fashion girls are also replacing their micro-bags with bold logo bags. "Oversize logos are still on fire," Davis says. "The more ridiculous the better! Louis Vuitton Monogram Giant has a logo that is so large that it hardly fits on some bags styles, and people are loving it!"

Logo bags are all over Instagram. Most of the top Instagram bloggers are posing with designer logos from Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, and more. Here, Brittany Xavier poses with her Louis Vuitton Khaki Bumbag. 

Retired: Close-Toed Shoes


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Close-toed shoes, such as boots and loafters, seem to be declining in popularity. Whether this will be an ongoing theme in fashion or it's simply the fact that summer is here, we'll have to wait and see. Although, we're assuming it's the latter. 

Adopted: Sandals

Instead of close-toed shoes, sandals are in (no surprise there). Take it from market analyst Kayla Marci. "Our data reveals there has been an influx of sandals arriving at T.J.Maxx over the past three months. Styles performing particularly well include sliders, espadrilles, platforms, and sandals with suede uppers," she says. 

Retired: Solid-Color Skirts


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Midi and maxi skirts are all still all the rage. However, since they've been trending for a while now, it seems that fashion insiders have retired standard solid prints in lieu of printed versions.

Adopted: Animal- and Floral-Print Skirts

"Printed skirts, in general, have seen high SKU activity within this retailer," Marci says. "Diving deeper, midi styles were the most popular silhouette, while floral and animal patterns were the top print."

Retired: Wide-Leg Jeans


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We must admit we love a good pair of wide-leg jeans, whether it be '70s-style bell-bottoms or ankle-grazing culottes. However, according to Marci, "distressed skinny jeans registered as a top-moving style" in the denim category for this retailer. 

Adopted: Distressed Skinny Jeans

We love distressed skinny jeans too. They pair well with all of our favorite summer tops, including graphic tees, crop tops, and off-the-shoulder shirts. Add a crossbody or logo bag and a pair of sandals, and your summer uniform is sorted. 

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