We're Playing Favorites: 8 Trends We're Actually Wearing (and 8 We're Not)

outdated fall trends editors



Over the past few months, we've made predictions based on the fall trends we'd want to wear and planned out the outfit combinations we'd be trying. But now that we're well acquainted with our cooler-weather wardrobes, we have to admit that, well, we've been playing favorites. Of all the trends on deck this season, each of our editors has cherry-picked the silhouettes that speak to them the most and have been prioritizing those top picks.

To find out what we'll all actually be wearing throughout the fall and winter, we all shared the new fall fashion trends we're eyeing for 2021 as well as the pieces that won't be in our rotations. Predictable basics and hard-to-wear pieces aren't making the cut this season for these editors, but let us just tell you that the future of fashion looks bright. Our team is ready to embrace all of the cool basics and standout trends poised to take over this fall, and we're already feeling really jazzed about all of the sartorial newness that's just around the corner.

Skipping: Statement Coats

Wearing: Cloud Coats

"I've loved many a statement coat over the years. However, this season, they're just not speaking to me at the level that more pared-down options are. Instead, I'm loving quilted coats and jackets to give my outfits an interesting (yet neutral) touch of texture."

Skipping: Clogs

Wearing: Pleated Miniskirts

"To be honest, I had expected the tennis-skirt trend to die down once cooler weather set in, but the opposite has happened, and I've never been more into the trend. The fall versions come in darker colors and preppy plaids that feel more academic than sporty, and I've taken to wearing them with staples blazers, crew-necks, loafers, and knee-high boots. On the other hand, clogs are a trend I really wanted to love but just couldn't get into. I tried a pair myself but just couldn't figure out how to style them to my liking."

Skipping: Checkerboard Prints

Wearing: Basketball Sneakers

"I didn't see the basketball resurgence coming, but that doesn't mean I don't love it. Perhaps one of my favorite trends of fall 2021, it's so wearable and so good. I'm specifically loving the New Balance 550s—bonus points if you wear them with ankle socks. On the other hand, I'm not quite as invested in checkered prints since I tend to stick to solids."



Skipping: Over-the-Knee Boots

Wearing: Riding Boots

"I have a pair of Reformation riding boots on their way to me, and I think they'll go with literally everything. I have a couple of trips coming up in which I'll be walking a lot, and since they're flat and so versatile, I may not need to bring any other shoes (but don't quote me on that). On the flip side, a current trend that I won't be trying is the sock-like over-the-knee boots I keep seeing. They can look cool with the right outfit, but I think I'd prefer something more low-key."

Skipping: Black Skinny Jeans

Wearing: Light-Wash Relaxed Jeans

"I've been living in relaxed light jeans these days. I also love the darker washes. While I'll never give up my tried-and-true black skinny jeans (classic in my eyes), I'm just not feeling the overly distressed skinny jeans. I prefer that look more on straight-leg silhouettes right now."



Skipping: XL Totes

Wearing: Classic Shoulder Bags

"I'm not personally investing in the oversize-tote trend right now. I know myself, and I know I'd cram it with way too many unnecessary items, especially when traveling. Instead, I want something classic and lightweight, like a timeless shoulder-strap bag. It forces me to be thoughtful when considering what I'm lugging around."



Skipping: Tiny Cardigans

Wearing: Sporty Sunglasses

"I'm so oddly into men's sport sunglasses right now, from Oakley to Nike. I started out just wearing them while running but have recently been loving the look of them for all occasions. They somehow manage to make any outfit appear interesting. Not going to lie, I got mine at Duane Reade… On the flip side, I admire anyone who can actually wear a tiny pin top or barely-buttoned cropped cardigan, but I'm simply not one of them—at least not yet. I'll leave this trend to the Megan Foxes of the world."

Skipping: Bomber Jackets

Wearing: Leather Trench Coats

"While I get that bomber jackets are back for fall, I'm always going to live and breath trench coats—they're peak fall fashion. That being said, I'm living for the newest iteration of this classic wardrobe staple: colorful trenches. Who would have thought a bright trench coat would be the crisp fall breeze my wardrobe needed?"