9 Cute Ways to Style One-Shoulder Dresses

We love wearing one-shoulder dresses as much as we love its cousin, the off-the-shoulder dress. Chic and unexpected, this asymmetric dress trend is one that could easily rival the perennial summer favorite. However, due to the unique neckline, you might feel as though styling this trend is more than its worth.

Fear not, dear readers. This where we come into play. While you might not opt to wear a one-shoulder dress on a regular basis, as the style tends to land on the more formal side of the spectrum, styling it can be just as easy as wearing your other shoulder-baring ensembles.

To illustrate our point, we rounded up looks from our favorite fashion girls to show how simple it can be to wear this eye-catching trend. From ruffled iterations of the dress to full sleeves, these dresses will definitely be worth wearing for the major occasions you have coming up. Check them out now.

See? Styling one-shoulder dresses isn't so difficult after all.