This Popular Beauty Brand Has Been *Everywhere* on Insta, so I Gave It a Try

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I can't tell you how many times I've come across an aesthetically pleasing brand via Instagram and questioned its veracity. As a beauty editor who loves her products with a touch of luxury, if it's not the uninspiring packaging that propels me past an Instagram ad, it's usually the high price point unaccompanied by reviews from trusted sources. However, Ogee put all other brands I've discovered through my heavy social media use to shame by offering products that are both elegant and moderately affordable.

One of its Instagram advertisements piqued my interest, and I'm glad I took the time to tap through to the brand's official website and learn more about Ogee's commitment to creating a line of high-performance, multifunctional beauty products crafted with organic ingredients. Here's my biggest takeaway from the brand overall: It's all about clean, luxurious products with accessible price points. Recently, I had the opportunity to try one of its best-selling products: The Crystal Contour Collection. Below are my honest thoughts, input from Ogee's director of brand marketing, and product recommendations.

Over the past few months, my makeup goals have undergone a transformation that can only be described as a semi–identity crisis. I stopped wanting to go for full-face makeup looks, opting instead for a simplified routine using five or six trusted products that could get me through my day without reapplication, oiliness, or transfer. After cleaning out my makeup bag, I was extremely ready to add some new product finds that could do the job well. Enter Ogee Organic Skincare. In all honesty, I didn't know what to expect from Ogee's makeup line. I had really only heard content creators sing its praises. Plus, I've had more than enough run-ins with complexion products that promise to be complementary to all skin types and tones but fall short.

I'm happy to say, however, that Ogee's Crystal Contour Collection gave me an entirely different result. Before even applying any of the three Sculpting Face Sticks to my face, I did three patch tests on the back of my hands, which delivered a natural-looking luminescence, pleasant peachiness, and a hint of dewiness. The collection is designed to be worn together, and the finished result was a heaven-sent trio of glowy complexion products. If you're looking for that glowing-from-within, no-makeup makeup look, this is it.


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Described by Ogee as "a three-step glow routine," the easy-to-apply, balmy complexion sticks in Copper, Rose Quartz, and Opal added that perfect natural glow I was obsessed with achieving through my normally extensive makeup routine. Now, it can be done in just three steps to contour, warm, and brighten the skin without covering up its natural texture. The blush is by far my favorite part of the Crystal Contour set, as it gives my cheeks a lovely just-pinched look perfect for the spring days ahead.

Crystal Contour is one of three sets featured in Ogee's Contour Collections (the others being the Golden Contour and Radiant Contour). While I've yet to get my hands on the other two, I have high hopes that they'll also deliver the fresh approach to makeup I've been craving over the past few months. Luckily, my deep dive into Ogee didn't stop here. I caught up with Taylor Audette, the director of brand marketing at Ogee, for some insider expertise.


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"Since our Sculpted Face Sticks were developed to enhance natural beauty, we felt that curating collections of contour-focused trios would align with the minimal approach to makeup we were after," begins Audette. "Each set is designed to effortlessly enhance the natural contours of the face, complete with a bronzer, a blush, and a highlighter." According to Audette, the trio of shades provided in each collection were perfectly curated to complement a variety of skin tones as well as help achieve desired definition. On its own, Copper didn't stand out on my skin tone, but I could definitely see its impact once the blush and highlighter shades were added.

Like all of Ogee's color products, the Sculpted Face Sticks are certified organic and combine the beauty-enhancing benefits of makeup with high-performing skincare ingredients. "Each of the three products are consciously crafted with the same multi-correctional formula that is rich in a hydrating blend of essential fatty acids and oils (including our hero ingredient, biocompatible jojoba oil)," Audette explains. While wearing the product, I never felt as if my skin was without moisture or nourishment thanks to a formula featuring olive oil, elderberry fruit extract, coconut oil, and more.


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What I love most about Ogee's collections of Sculpted Face Sticks is that they can be mixed and matched without error. Audette recommends exploring by blending two shades together, wearing the blush as a lip color, or even applying the bronzer shade as an eye shadow. The endless possibilities of the Crystal Contour Collection were immediately obvious to me upon application, and I couldn't be happier with the results. You can fully expect me to use this set until I'm completely out of product and in a rush to refill!

If you're wondering which other Ogee products I've fallen completely in love with since my first introduction to the brand, check out a few of my top picks. Fair warning: You'll end up as in love with this clean, luxury cosmetics brand as I am.

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