5 Designers Told Me the Trends Fashion People Will Adopt Next

NYC fashion trends 2020


left to right: Courtesy of YanYan; Courtesy of Collina Strada; Courtesy of Danielle Guizio; Courtesy of The Range

Not to brag, but we pride ourselves at spotting trends early on in their life cycle and, well, our track record of calling trends months before they get big speaks for itself. So while we're definitely letting you know how and where to shop for the trends that are currently happening, today, we're looking ahead at what's to come—not from the runways but from the designers themselves.

Since New York and its stylish dwellers are typically the first to adopt the latest emerging trends and set the examples that many of us are sure to follow, we narrowed in on five brands that epitomize the city's cool factor. Let's face it—we love reporting on NYC fashion just as much as you love reading about it. That's why we went ahead and went straight to the source: the designers behind some of the city's coolest and most cult-worthy brands. We tapped them to find out about the styles and overarching trends that will hit the market (and the wardrobes of the fashion crowd) next.

Ahead, discover the emerging NYC fashion trends to keep your eye on, according to the designers who are dreaming them up.

About the brand: "The Range girl is effortlessly cool. She wants unique pieces that are timeless and that she can make her own. She's on the go and she needs a wardrobe that can be on the move with her." — Brittney and Mia Rothweiler, designers

According to the Rothweiler sisters, "the '90s are back and a great way to be trendy in a cool minimal way."  The decade's pulled-back aesthetic continues to be a constant source of inspiration in fashion, but as for how that influence is translating for 2020? They insist that slip dresses and cami's, polos, and cropped tops are the important silhouettes. "This trend is perfect for the NYC girl who doesn't like chasing trends but wants to look relevant," they added.

"For the city where only the strong survive," the Rothweilers asserted, "utilitarian pops add some edge to your look.  Whether it's via cargo pants, a utility jacket, or chunky boots, these pieces will help you feel as strong as you need to be to survive in NYC."

About the brand: "The DG girl is confident and daring and portrays that through her wardrobe." — Danielle Guizio, designer

"For 2020, I would definitely say we'll be seeing a lot of small knits, low-rise everything, mesh midi dresses and skirts with graphic prints this year," Guizio told us.

About the brand: "With our roots here in NYC, I think The Arrivals girl is inherently New York, with an appreciation for design, functionality and an element of edge. Our pieces are a manifestation of this persona—technical yet playful, elevated yet approachable, and constantly searching for the next adventure." — Jeff Johnson, cofounder

"Stemming from the phrase 'good old raisins and peanuts,' gorpcore was a term that emerged a few years back and has continued to saturate the streets of NYC," Johnson shared. "The phrase refers to an affinity toward all things outdoors, including vintage fleece pullovers, puffers, and hiking boots. With the growing awareness of the fashion industry's challenges around sustainability and the environment, I foresee individual style trends and brand identities alike to embrace heritage outdoor inspiration."

About the brand: "I think of the YanYan girl as someone very similar to Suzzie and I. We love comfort and good quality fabrics, but above all, we like clothing that makes us feel like ourselves—comfy and weird is probably our vibe." — Phyllis Chan, designer

"I think our girl enjoys nostalgia and different cultures and appreciates clothing that expresses their identity." — Suzzie Chung, designer

"I'm a print maximalist myself. It's super fun putting together print on print-on-print outfits (even down to the socks!). If you’re more experimental and adventurous, you can mix different prints and colors, but it's all about wearing matching head-to-toe outfits, which is how we design a lot of our clothing." — Chung

"For the NYC girl who is on the run, a matching set makes dressing super easy.  It's a way to instantly look sophisticated and cool." — Rothweiler

About the brand: "The Collina Strada girl is not scared of color or personal style. She expresses herself loudly but thoughtfully and has a sense of humor, and, above all, has fun while getting dressed." — Hillary Taymour, designer

While sustainability is a larger movement and not a passing trend, it's still relevant to include here because it will only become increasingly important (this year and beyond) as everyone becomes more aware of the individual role they play within the larger picture of the industry.

One brand who has long been a leader in this space is Collina Strada with its playful approach to conscious dressing. Taymour says that her reusable water bottle (like the one Collina Strada often carries that's embellished with bows and rhinestones) is one of the most important trends we'll be seeing this year.