20 Jean Styles That Feel Fancier Than Skinnies

We've gone to great lengths to illustrate how skinny jeans can improve your wardrobe. You've seen endless riffs on how to style them, specific details that make them perfect, and even learned which ones are the most comfortable to wear on an airplane. However, at the risk of sounding contradictory and alienating our fellow skinnies supporters, we've been eyeing a few non-skinny styles that we have to admit mirror a slightly dressier aesthetic.

We deem these non-skinnies fancier for a few reasons. First, skinny jeans can be tough to pair with shoes. Heels, sneakers, loafers—across the gamut, it's undeniable that something wider and perhaps more cropped is easier to pair with your favorite footwear. Second, many of the styles you'll see today offer an interesting detail that separates them from the skinny pack: a sash knotted around the top, origami-inspired fold over one of the legs, and even some adventurous zipper details that are sure to take your party look to the next level.

Whether it's a pair of wide-leg crops with a circular zipper pull that feels like a cool nod to the '70s or an iteration with an unexpected paper-bag waist you could feasibly wear to the office, there are plenty of options to choose from this fall. Scroll down to shop 20 of our favorite (non-skinny) jeans right now.