The 20 Comfiest Pairs of Skinny Jeans to Wear on a Plane

Do you know where the worse place is to find out that your jeans have little give and pinch in all the wrong places? About 30,000 feet in the air halfway through an eight-hour international flight. But still, we'll argue that skinny jeans can be an ideal part of your travel uniform because they look put-together and feel comfortable all at once. At least, the right pairs are, and this is what inspired our latest dive down tons of shopper reviews of skinny jeans.

Below we curated 20 of the best-reviewed pairs of skinny jeans from across the web that are praised for their softness, comfort, and ability to stretch without stretching out (hey, you'd like to wear those jeans off the plane, don't you?). Scroll on for the pairs that stood out to us most and to make shopping for a new on-the-fly uniform a bit easier.