I'm a Former Nordstrom Stylist—These Anniversary Sale Items Are Must-Haves

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do with my sisters and my mom was to go shopping (shocker, I know). But the best time was when it was the summer and all of my favorite retailers were having sales and my mom let my sisters and I shop a little harder than we normally would. Basically, what I'm saying is I have been sale shopping for over a decade and I've gotten pretty good at it. Not only am I basically a professional sale shopper, but while I was studying fashion in Los Angeles, I worked at Nordstrom as a stylist, and as I'm sure you can guess that was my busiest time of the year. Every loyal Nordstrom customer knows that The Anniversary Sale is the time to buy all of those items you have had your eyes on but haven't decided to purchase yet. 

This year, my eye is on great interior items, chic clothes and shoes that I can wear on rotation throughout the summer and into early fall, and a few accessories that will go with everything. I always go into the sale with a game plan, and this year, my focus is on items that I can wear multiple times and in multiple ways. When it comes to interiors, I'm looking for things that make my apartment feel cozy and look stylish.

Keep scrolling to see the Anniversary Sale items that are in my cart right now.

I'm thinking about all the charcuterie boards I can make on this chic cutting board. 

Clearly already ready for fall footwear. 

The perfect "goes with anything" summer sandals. 

Nothing like a great scent you can wear and have in your home. 

Into the nautical, New England vibes of this sweater. 

A good pair of white boots are a must-have. 

The wedge trend is making it into fall I see. 

I just recently tried my first exercise dress and I'm obsessed. 

These candles make your home smell and feel luxurious. 

I can see myself styling this sweater as a summer-to-fall transition look.