I'm Loving Jeans Paired With Simple Blouses—28 Nordstrom Styles to Mix and Match

It's true that it feels like the fashion world is nonstop. With the constant influx of trends being pumped out, it's important to have simple, easy outfit formulas to reach for when your brain is on overload. It's hard to go wrong with jeans paired with simple blouses, as the outfit combinations are endless. Nordstrom is a WWW editor's favorite online retail destination to get these essential outfit building blocks. I took a look through Nordstrom's jeans and blouses and curated a selection of some top-notch picks to snag ASAP.

Whether you are into dark wash over light or you love roomier mom jeans over a skinny cut, Nordstrom has a robust stock of denim to select from. On top of that, there are endless simple tops available as well. From striped tees to cutout blouses, there's something for everyone. Keep scrolling to grab some of these essential pieces so you can mix 'n' match jeans and blouses in no time.




These plus-size jeans with a slight crop are great for people with short legs. 

These jeans have over 700 reviews.

Pair with your favorite pair of pointed ankle booties. 

For high-waist lovers, Levi's Ribcage is one of the highest-waisted options out there. 

Pair these with your favorite blazer and top for a business casual look. 

There's something so classy about wide-leg jeans. 


Red has been all over the runways this season.

This silky material is great for channeling sexy vibes. 

The sweetheart top is so pretty and simple.

A classic closet essential that pairs perfectly with a wide variety of jeans. 

The ruching elevates a simple look.

Square necks really take a simple look to the next level.

This faux-leather tank makes anyone feel instantly cooler.