My Fave Nordstrom Beauty Gems Are on Sale for a Few Days Only—Here's What to Buy

There is nothing that grinds my gears more than forking over a hefty sum of money to restock my stock of beauty essentials and then, one, two, or three weeks later, seeing all of said beauty products unexpectedly go on sale. I mean, the nerve!

In fact, yesterday, as I was about to resupply my waning stock of Beautyblenders, setting spray, brow gel, and lash primer, I saw, with "holy shit!" excitement, that a ton of my all-time favorite beauty products—you know—the exact staples I use every single day or whenever I apply my makeup—were on sale at Nordstrom for a very limited time. (Through October 2, to be exact.) Obviously, I went bananas. And for the remainder of the sale, you have the opportunity to do the same! I recommend going crazy because so many of the products that are up to 15% off right now rarely see that bolded red discount. Below, shop my editor-curated list of beauty gems that I not only love but would also immediately add to your cart if I had the power to do so. Keep scrolling!

I won't beat around the bush: I love this lipstick-balm hybrid, and it's exactly the kind of formula I'm always wearing. When it comes to lip products, I want something hydrating (check), sheer yet buildable (double check), and in a shade that will enhance my natural lip color (triple check). Black Honey is so iconic for its magical flattering powers. It looks good on everyone I've seen wear it, and it's so non-fussy that you can keep it in your bag and apply it whenever and wherever. It gives your lips a nice hint of shine, and I also appreciate that it's easy to layer with anything else you're wearing. 

This obsession-forming serum is one of my all-time favorites and is one of the few formulas that has managed to retain its spot in my ever-evolving routine for over a year now. It transforms rough, dry skin into a silky dream, and I swear my skin became significantly softer and brighter after just one use. The glow-inducing results have improved at an exponential rate, and it's also staved off my breakouts. I blame the strategic melding of Bifidus prebiotic—which provides a healthy environment for the good bacteria on your skin to flourish—plus an ample dose of hyaluronic acid for hydration, vitamin C for antioxidants, and ceramides for a plump, dewy texture.

This beloved Jo Malone London cologne, which is the next best thing to visiting the Cliffs of Dover—complete with windswept hair and salt-crusted skin—is timeless. The scent it leaves behind is so natural and dewy, like how you'd smell if you spent the afternoon outside soaking up the grass, fog, and salty seas. If you're someone who wants something more woody and earthy, but still velvety and luxe, it's the perfect antidote. It makes me feel nostalgic, I just can't pinpoint why. Which almost makes it even more enchanting.

I love the scent of rose, which also makes me exceptionally picky when it comes to selecting the most investment-worthy rose fragrances. This one from Dior is in my top five of all time. Obviously, the Miss Dior collection is iconic, but this newer addition to the line is a masterpiece in its own right. In fact, if I could only wear one Dior perfume for the rest of my life, this is the one I'd choose. If you love rose, like me, you'll adore this scent, and even if you think you don't love rose, you'll might still adore this scent. Grasse rose is, obviously, the starring note here, but it's anchored by geranium, bergamot, and white musks to keep it lively and fresh. (In other words, this isn't your grandma's powdery rose perfume.)

There is one "practically perfect in every way" concealer that you will find tucked into every makeup artist, celebrity, and beauty editor's makeup bag. And, you guessed it, you're looking at it. 

Don't get it twisted—I still love the drama of liquid liner, and I keep a handful at all times in my makeup bag. Over the years, I've found myself prioritizing silky, easy-to-glide-and-manipulate liners over comparably harsher, better-not-eff-it-up-up liquid formulas. Not only are the former more user-friendly and easy to blend and adjust until you're satisfied with the shape and pigment payoff of your work, but the overall finish also just looks softer and more natural to me, a vibe I'm loving more and more as I get a little older. This specific pen from MAC is the one I've been using nonstop.

ICYMI—this editor- and makeup artist-beloved plumping gloss earned the top spot in our brand new beauty series, Deep Reviews

A more iconic blush does not exist. I own multiple shades at this point, but you can never go wrong with the forever—V-cheeky—classic, Orgasm.

I was influenced to buy this creamy blush after one of my favorite Instagram follows, Joanna Cooper, named it essential to achieving her insanely glowy complexion. Obviously, I bought five and have been obsessed ever since.

Guys, I have been using this multitasking lash elixir from Dior since high school, and I'm 29! Not only can you apply it pre-mascara for thicker, longer lashes, but one of my all-time best tricks is to apply it before bed each night so my lashes naturally grow longer, stronger, and thicker. I don't even know how many tubes I've gone through at this point. 

Speaking of my pre–beauty editor staples, this is another OG product that's just so good I can't kick it. I've probably tried at least a hundred bronzers since I discovered this one back in college, but no other powder formula has been good enough to replace it. Yes, the bronzer itself smells like chocolate (it's infused with 100% real cocoa) and the packaging is a little kitschy, but the end result is so natural and flattering I don't even care. 

Meet the holy-grail clear brow gel that beauty editors (and celebs like Hailey Bieber and the Kardashians) can't live without.

Good Genes is quite arguably Sunday Riley's best (and most popular) product of all time. And, if you like baby soft, ultra-smooth, instantly radiant skin, you'll click "add to cart" to discover this product's major exfoliation magic for yourself. 

I probably shouldn't admit this since it's kind of part of my job to wear/try a new lipstick every dang day, but I'd say 90% of the time I'm wearing Tom Ford's Lip Color Lipstick. I'm typically not a matte gal, but the finish of this one is very velvety and the antithesis of drying or chalky. The formula wears forever, comes in a beautiful tube you'll want to show off, and the shades are so stunning you'll want to collect them all. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Not only is this splurgy serum housed in one of the most drop-dead bottles I've ever seen, but the actual formula is about 15/10 in the instant results department. The expert concoction of Japanese pearl extract, theanine, perilla, platinum golden silk extract, and angelica acutiloba extract work in harmony to plump away fine lines and wrinkles, kick discoloration and dullness to the curb, and super-charge the skin with a potent hit of dewy moisture. 

I saw Hailey Bieber use this exact pencil to create her now-viral "brownie glazed lip" trend, so I bought it. That's all! (But also, who doesn't love a fab 3-in-1 beauty find?!)

If you're not yet using an eyelash curler, A) your lashes aren't reaching their full potential—trust me, and B) this is the sign you've been waiting for. Shiseido's model is like the Rolls Royce of curlers—a holy-grail industry fave that will forever be a best-seller. 

I depend on my Beautyblender to create a flawless foundation and concealer finish (I can't do my makeup without it), so I hoard them as if their extinction is imminent. I've tried plenty of underwhelming copycats that I immediately toss out—this one's the real deal.

I love this high-coverage CC+ cream so dang much, and I always end up coming back to it. (And don't even ask me how many times I've gotten a friend hooked because it's more times than I can count!) If you like your face makeup infused with skincare-grade ingredients that will make your actual skin look and feel healthier, too, you have to try this.

True story: I recently left my apartment in a rush en route to a night out with my friends and realized 10 seconds into my ride that I forgot to set my makeup with this longtime favorite spray. Needless to say, my Uber driver probably received the largest tip of his life that night since I maniacally ran back into my apartment to apply this "move-proof" insurance to my face. It helps my makeup look freshly applied for hours, and it's so good that it kind of makes me hate any other formulas I try.