I Found a Ton of Chic Basics at Nordstrom—These Could Become New Closet Staples

I've never been one for making major January resolutions, but I do like the idea of a little reset at the beginning of the year to check in with myself and set intentions for the months to come. One of the rituals that have proven most helpful is taking inventory of my closet by donating pieces I no longer wear and making a list of items that may need replacing. Basics are the category that most commonly need replacing, probably because they're worn most often so they fall victim to holes, stains, and the like.

I've found that restocking my basics collection with quality pieces guarantees I have a solid foundation to style around and sets me up for success for the year to come. So on my quest to replenish my closet staples, I noticed one retailer crushing the basics game right now: Nordstrom. The retailer has great options in every category at a range of price points, so it's been my one-stop shop for this mission. From the bodysuits that go with every pant style in your closet to the perfect-fitting T-shirts you may want in every color, below are the chic Nordstrom basics that are sure to become staples in your closet. 


Bodysuits have quickly graduated from trend to closet staple—the fitted silhouette perfectly juxtaposes a more voluminous bottom. With loose jeans and trousers continuing to trend for 2022, bodysuits are a smart wardrobe investment. 

No more retucking your tee throughout the day!

Paired with high-waisted trousers, yes please. 


Jeans are typically the building block of a casual outfit, so updating your denim collection to make sure it includes your favorite silhouettes and rises is something your future self will thank you for. Nordstrom's selection of cuts and washes has whatever may be missing from your closet covered. 

Talk about jeans you'll wear with everything. 


Your T-shirts probably get the most wear out of everything in your closet, so having a solid base collection makes outfit planning infinitely easier. A variety of colors and necklines will make each outfit feel unique, even if it's just the classic combo of jeans and a tee. 

The perfect white tee does exist.

Everyone raves about this fabric. 


When in doubt, add a blazer. This polished third piece is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, so making sure your blazer selection is stocked is the gift that will keep on giving. 

Because everyone needs a black blazer. 


Sneakers are probably one of the most-worn shoes in your wardrobe, so adding a fresh new pair that goes with everything is a no-brainer. Not only are they comfortable, but sneakers also add a laidback vibe to your outfit while still being perfectly on trend. 

It doesn't get more timeless than a pair of Chuck Taylors.