These 10 Products Will Help You Achieve Every Major Trend RN

Ask anyone in the beauty industry, and they'll tell you the trends right now are red-hot. Many trends that began gaining momentum in early 2022 (glossy lips, dewy skin, and more) have really begun to take full-fledged form. 

As luck would have it, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has tons of beauty products on sale that are perfect for achieving this season's biggest beauty trends. Below, I've compiled inspiration photos and the best products at the sale to achieve them. Keep reading to find out your next beauty moment. 

Stained Lips



This season is all about lips, and one of our favorite trends is a subtle stain. Opt for a lip tint that provides sheer coverage and buildable color.

Glass Hair

There's no doubt about it: Reflective, glass-like shine is majorly trending right now. It may seem difficult to achieve this trend at home, but with the right products, it's actually easy. Go for nourishing products that will improve your hair's overall health—the shine will follow. 

Late-Summer Glow

We're all about a (faux!) bronzed glow. Sometimes, bronzing and highlighting can look unnatural if shades are too stark or formulas don't blend well enough. To prevent this, we recommend reaching for powders with a faint shimmer that diffuses easily.

Tons of Blush



Here's my philosophy: Blush should be used judiciously. Add some color to your cheeks with a pink blush that will leave you with that coveted lit-from-within glow that everyone wants. Pro tip: Swipe it up into your temples for a more lifted look.

Dewy Skin

Everyone wants dewy skin, but it's tough to nail. Too much dew and your skin might start to veer oily, and not enough will leave your face one-dimensional. Opt for a nourishing skincare regimen that's specifically formulated to add more radiance and plump skin, like the luxe set below.

Smoked-Out Eyes



Smoky eyes are back! Instead of the more matte versions of yesteryear, add some sparkle to a smoky eye to round it out and add some depth. For a wearable warm-toned smoky eye, opt for a palette with lots of rose-inspired hues. 

Plumped, Glossy Lips

We're proponents of lip plumpers, but only when they really work and don't make your lips sting too much. Go for a lip plumper that provides just the right amount of bite to let you know it's working and leaves you with pillowy, ultra-kissable lips. 

Brushed-Up Brows

It feels like eyebrows just keep shape-shifting. This season, it's all about fluffy, brushed-up brows that look like you didn't use any product. Try a fine-tipped brow pencil that's hard enough to give you precise lines but not so hard that it will drag on your skin. Top it with a brow gel, and you'll look like you were naturally blessed with perfect brows. 

Fanned-Out Lashes



Here's a novel idea: Why not make your lashes the star of the show? Bold lashes that still look natural are majorly trending right now. The secret to getting lashes with tons of volume and length (even if you're starting with short eyelashes) is using a mascara primer and mascara that are formulated with length and definition in mind. 

Defined Curls



Now is the time to let your natural curls shine. Curl creams are important, but the real secret ingredient to curls you won't want to put heat to ever again is tons of hydration. Opt for popping on a hair mask once or twice a week—your curls will thank you.