The Coolest Nike Sneakers on Amazon Also Have the Best Reviews

If you were to name the places you shop at the most, Amazon would undoubtedly top the list. Not just for the daily essentials (toothpaste, kitchen utensils, and the like), either. We know you dabble in the fashion section, too—we certainly do—and when it comes to footwear specifically, Amazon stocks a wide range of the coolest Nike sneakers out there. Given the vast assortment (no need for you to scroll through them all), we culled through the site to bring you the absolute best kicks for training purposes and off-duty life alike, based on top customer reviews. Ahead, you'll find eleven of the top-ranked Nike sneakers, all with 4.4-out-of-5 ratings and above. Plus, if you go a bit further, we're highlighting some of our favorite ways to style Nike kicks, too. 


Now, check out creative ways to wear Nike sneakers:
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Dress up your Nikes by pairing them with a crisp suit. 


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Make white sneakers pop by wearing them with an all-black fit and a vibrant jacket.


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Keep it casual yet cool with a tee, track pants, and your Nikes.


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Sneakers and a dress? The perfect combo.


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We love this retro vibe with the old-school Nikes, crew socks, and logo merch.


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A black pair of athletic trainers toughens up a pink ensemble.


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Everything about this outfit is just so right. 


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Because who doesn't want to live in their Nikes, leggings, and cozy coat this winter? Exactly.


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Athletic kicks and a pink suit? Yep, it works. 

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Bobby Schuessler
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