The One Pair of Sneakers Nike's COO Can't Stop Talking About


Getty Images

Nike hasn't always been known for its sustainable practices over the course of its 54-year history, but the brand is determined to make up for lost time. Speaking at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, an informative two-day event about all things sustainability, Nike's COO Eric Sprunk highlighted one of the brand's most impressive recent achievements: its revolutionary Flyleather material, which is used in the Nike Flyleather Tennis Classic Sneakers ($85). 

"When it comes to our products, there is no tradeoff between minimizing our environmental impact and optimizing our performance," Sprunk told the audience at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, which included a mix of top-brass executives, designers, journalists, fashion students, and more. "That's the idea behind Nike Flyleather. It's our new super material that has the potential to be as game-changing as Nike Flyknit." (Side note: Does anyone else own more Flyknit sneakers than they care to admit?)

Sprunk went on to explain exactly how the Flyleather material is different—and better—than Nike's standard selection. "With the look, fit, and feel of some of our most premium leathers, it uses significantly less water, has a lower carbon footprint, is five times more abrasion-resistant, and is 40% lighter. It's super material that uses recycled leather fibers as the basis for the material."

Intrigued? So were we. Scroll down to shop the sneakers in question, and stay tuned as the brand creates a wider variety of shoes with its revolutionary material. We'll be over here waiting not so patiently, Nike.