I'm a Beauty Editor Whose Specialty Is Niche Beauty Gifts—Peep This Year's List



When it comes to holiday gifting, if there's one thing I can't stand, it's when gifts feel generic or not well-thought-out. In my opinion, if the people in your life are special enough to you that they warrant a gift, that gift should feel personalized to them. 

If you're looking for beauty gifts to give, keep in mind that there are many, many gift sets and stocking stuffers out there that will placate just about everyone—but you won't find any of those on this list. This gift guide is essentially a hyper-specific beauty gifting suite made with your hardest-to-please friend in mind. Here, you'll find a bunch of beauty-centric gifts that feel personal, with my recommendations of who they're best suited for. Keep reading for my 2022 niche beauty gifting guide. 

Who it's for: The person who considers long drives akin to therapy sessions. 

Why they'll love it: These little fragrance cards can be hung just about everywhere, and they each smell potent and amazing. Give this set to anyone who would want their car (or anywhere else really) to smell downright explosive, in the best way possible. Better yet? Split this set up and give each fragrance as a stocking stuffer. 

Who it's for: The mom who wants the most luxe lipstick but hates waste.

Why they'll love it: Refillable lipsticks have become more and more mainstream, but none are as chic as the Valdé Armor. Endlessly swappable, this refillable vessel is made of a zinc alloy that is then coated in liquid gold for the most opulent, sustainable lip product possible. 

Who it's for: The friend who matches their perfume to their mood.

Why they'll love it: Anyone can wear perfume, but only the true olfactory-obsessed can devour an entire book about it. This book covers 1800 fragrances and includes essays about how they're made. Plus, learn more about iconic scents. 

Who it's for: The person who goes through six washcloths a day.

Why they'll love it: Consider this a level-up to a normal washcloth. One side scrubs while the other side polishes, making it a multipurpose cloth (who'd have thought?).

Who it's for: The frag head in your life. 

Why they'll love it: When our Beauty Director Erin Jahns told me that this fragrance is her current prized possession, my ears perked up. She describes these scents as "an out-of-body experience," and they come with a glass, ball-tipped wand for an application that helps make this perfume feel extra special.

Who it's for: The friend who can't quit their sheet masks but religiously composts.

Why they'll love it: This silicone eye mask has all the benefits of a sheet mask with none of the waste. It can be used with any eye cream or serum imaginable for a customizable experience that helps your skin absorb products better. 

Who it's for: The friend that asks for hand sanitizer the second you get to your destination. 

Why they'll love it: Aesop's hand products are a cut above the rest. Its rinse-free handwash is the most luxurious hand sanitizer to throw in any bag, while its soaps smell amazing. The hand creams also leave hands unbelievably smooth. 

Who it's for: The friend who (rightfully) looks at beauty through a critical lens. 

Why they'll love it: With this book, Vogue contributing beauty editor Funmi Fetto starts an important conversation about inclusivity in beauty. This informative book is filled with products that actually work for people of color. 

Who it's for: The person whose travel bag has no less than 30 Q-tips in it.

Why they'll love it: Anyone who applies makeup even semi-regularly knows that Q-tips are essential for things like sharpening a cat eye or getting mascara off your lid without ruining your eye shadow. This fun stocking stuffer is washable, reusable, and may work even better than your average cotton swap. 

Who it's for: The person who won't do anything without consulting their psychic. 

Why they'll love it: These witchy scents combine perfumery with energy healing to help create the energy you want by wearing them. Each scent has a unique vibration that will help cultivate the emotions you're searching for. 

Who it's for: The friend who covers their hands and feet in vaseline before slipping socks on top before bed. 

Why they'll love it: This set—featuring hydrating masks for both hands and feet—will make you feel like you just got a paraffin treatment at the nail salon. 

Who it's for: The friend whose candle collection is the centerpiece of their apartment. 

Why they'll love it: Diptyque candles need no introduction for those who love candles—they're that good. This gorgeous set has an attachable carousel that reflects the light from the candle's flame for a magical effect when lit. 

Who it's for: Anyone whose bottle of Chanel No. 5 is just as important to them as their coffee table books. 

Why they'll love it: This book is a guide to every single iconic beauty product out there. From products that have been around for 50+ years to newcomers, it's interesting to read about all the products Hughes has deemed iconic. 

Who it's for: The friend who has 12 different lipsticks in their purse.

Why they'll love it: This smart lip compact is perfect for anyone who is constantly changing their lip color, because it is endlessly mixable for a perpetual amount of color combinations. 

Who it's for: The '90s baby. 

Why they'll love it: Everyone loves a claw clip, but Emi Jay's claw clips are next level—they're cute, functional, and high-quality. Snag a customized one for a hint of personalized sparkle.

Who it's for: Your friend who has a workout class booked every morning. 

Why they'll love it: Talk about active recovery. This kit is made for those with active lifestyles thanks to calming bodycare products and a massage ball for gentle relief.