I Asked 7 Cool New Yorkers About Their Summer Staples—Trust, You Need Them Too


Anyone who's spent even five minutes in NYC knows that inspiration can be found on any corner at any time of the day. And as a stylish person, I'm always observing what my fellow New Yorkers are wearing and, of course, how they're wearing it. Call me biased, but I think the people in this city are some of the most stylish out there and I don't say that lightly. Between walking everywhere, carrying everything you need for the day with you, and facing the oppressive humidity that makes everything hot and sticky in the summer months, getting dressed can be a challenge which makes it that much more impressive when you can put together cool outfits.

To uncover how they're skillfully getting through New York City summer in style, I asked a handful of cool women here to share the wardrobe heroes they're relying on. These staple pieces are the backbones of their wardrobes, but they're worthy of adding to your closet no matter where you live. From bodysuits and bra tops to pretty slip dresses, keep reading to see six New York summer staples they're wearing on repeat—and how they're styling them.

Platform Sandals


Anna LaPlaca, Editor, Who What Wear
(Image credit: @anna__laplaca)

How I'd describe my style: I love tailoring and clean neutrals but always have an experimental element to my outfits, whether it's a new trend piece or an unusual styling choice.

The summer staple I'm wearing on repeat: Platform sandals were my go-to last summer and I'm clinging to them once again. I love the sporty '90s feel they lend to casual outfits but most importantly, they're the most comfortable sandals I can walk all day long in. From platform flip-flops to pretty ankle-wrap pairs, I'm living in lifted soles this summer.

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Bra Tops


Alexis Badiyi, Stylist and Creative
(Image credit: @alexisbadiyi; Styling: Haus Label Twisted Bikini Top ($128))

How she'd describe her style: My style is classic and elegant, with notes of strong tailoring and a dash of playful drama.

The summer staple she's wearing on repeat: I love playing with dimension and shape. Something I wear on repeat is a bra top or a styled version of this. I love pairing these with trousers or a sheer/woven skirt to bring in more volume and then pop everything up with heels. I love the juxtaposition of feeling held and yet free at the same time in my clothing. The bra top provides a level of security and a more flowy oversized cheeky bottom feels more untethered. A favorite combination for those summer days where one thing leads to the next.

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Colorful Poplin Shirts


Britt Theodora, Celebrity Stylist
(Image credit: @britt.theodora)

How she'd describe her style: My style is relaxed and polished like oversize button-downs and tailored trousers, and I love to mix in pops of unexpected color. 

The summer staple she's wearing on repeat: I am obsessed with my colorful button-downs like this one from Matteau. I wear the yellow and lavender on repeat. I wear them over spaghetti-strap dresses or tucked into linen trousers/jeans. This is also such a fun way to add color to your everyday jeans and a white T-shirt. 

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V-Neck Bodysuits


Karina Trofimova, Founder, Haus Label and Haus Agency
(Image credit: @karina__trofimova)

How she'd describe her style: Minimalist, timeless, true to what makes me feel good, and not very trend-driven.

The summer staple she's wearing on repeat: It only makes sense that my one item on repeat this summer is from Haus Label, as the brand's ethos actually is "welcome to your outfit repeating journey." I'm wearing the HA003 V-Neck Bodysuit a lot. It's perfect for styling with any bottoms from bike shorts to a see-through maxi skirt, and the built-in bra provides maximum comfort.

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Matching Skirt Sets


Danielle Guizio, Owner and Designer, Danielle Guizio
(Image credit: @guizioo)

How she'd describe her style: Feminine, nostalgic, sexy yet at the same time casual and can be more masculine. I’m not interested in impressing anyone with my style or wearing a lot of brand names; it’s more so for me and what makes me feel good, comfortable, and confident. I think that reflects through my work and designs as well.

The summer staple she's wearing on repeat: Right now I’m obsessed with our Paloma Lace Top and Midi Skirt. It’s sweet and ethereal, perfect for summer. I love to wear it as a set, but it's just as special on its own. I wear the lace top with a vintage Levi’s denim mini skirt or pair the skirt back to a simple white Hanes tank. 

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Linen Trousers


Olivia Joan, Photographer
(Image credit: @_olivia_joan_)

How she'd describe her style: I prioritize comfort over anything, and I love combining stereotypical masculine and feminine pieces to form a unified look. 

The summer staple she's wearing on repeat: I would say my summer staple has to be my linen pants from Velvet. They are a perfect summer staple because they are so lightweight and comfortable. I've been on the hunt for linen pants that fit me lengthwise for years and couldn't believe I finally found a pair. And what's fabulous about white linen pants is that you can dress them up or down. 

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Maxi Slip Dresses


Eliza Huber, Editor, Who What Wear
(Image credit: @elizagracehuber)

How she'd describe her style: I like to think of my style as a combination of two aesthetics—one that's more sporty and vintage and another that's classic and upscale with a touch of trendiness.

The summer staple she's wearing on repeat: I've always loved a silk slip dress because of how versatile they are. Worn layered with a corset over the top so as to look like a skirt, on its own with sneakers or flat sandals, or dressed up with heeled sandals, the style can be just about anything you want it to be. This season, I'm taking slip dresses to an even cooler level by opting away from midi-length styles and focusing instead on maxi ones.

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