I Live in New York—31 Items Stylish Women In My City Can’t Live Without

a woman in new york

(Image credit: @madelynnhudson)

New York is a city of 8.5 million people, a melee of downtown artists and uptown office-goers, who take the subway together every morning. It’s there, underground, that New York's style staples on full display, teens seated next to grandmas, all dressed in their everyday best. One of my favorite activities is keeping an eye out for emerging trends or repeated styles while I’m commuting. Every few months, there will suddenly be a swell where suddenly Sambas, or a sleek bucket bag, or a button-down styled with baggy jeans will become the norm.

While New York is a generally fashionable city, people really do dress up — it’s the home of Fashion Week after all. But, for your average stylish citizen, there tend to be a few rules that dictate what people actually want to wear. Firstly, shoes tend to be comfortable. Most commuters bike or take the train, so while some women may swap into stilettos at the office, when they’re out and about, even heels have to be walkable. Second, clothes have to have flexibility. So many women spend all day out, going from casual coffee, to the office, to a date, that clothes have to be multi-functional, sitting somewhere between dressy and casual — elevated basics as they say. Lastly, because shoes and clothes do have a practical-yet-dressy bent to them, it's often accessories that transform a look. Adding the right jewelry or bag to a more casual look can instantly make it feel more dressy. Ahead, shop the staples I’ve spotted on the streets (and the C-train).

Aemilia Madden