168 Hours of New York Fashion Week, as Told by WWW Editors


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If you've never experienced New York Fashion Week from start to finish, it's hard to describe the sort of beautiful chaos that ensues season after season. Without a doubt, the weeklong saga is one of the most rewarding of the year for people who, like me, prioritize fashion above all else. That being said, it's also the busiest, with prep starting far in advance and work lasting from sunrise to sunset (and then some) for a majority of attendees. By the time the last finale of the week commences, there's usually a synchronized sigh of relief, quickly followed by the realization that you're already late for the airport, off to London to do it all over again.

Between fashion shows located all over Brooklyn and Manhattan, presentations taking place in every available time slot, previews, re-sees, and of course, dinners and parties, there's no shortage of things to do and get done. So to give you an inside look at what NYFW is really like for seven of Who What Wear's editors, we thought we'd open our gratitude journals/diaries/outfit-picture books/survival guides to all of you. Scroll down for all 168 hours of NYFW, as told by WWW. 

Day 7


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"Phew—we made it to the finish line, y'all! After attending shows, previews, and parties for the last week straight, the seventh and final day of NYFW treated us to some of the most gorgeous weather we've had in February (maybe ever). With the sun shining and the temperatures approaching 60°, it felt like one of those perfect spring days, so I decided to hop on a Citi Bike and ride on down to my first event of the day—a presentation for upcycled label Rentrayage at the Greenwich Village's historic Caffè Dante—and the bike ride injected me with so much joy that I almost forgot I've been running on very few hours of sleep this week.

It's easy to slack off on basic self-care during fashion week, and I'm lucky if I get the chance to sit down for one legitimate meal per day. (I know, I know—it's not great.) My sad, empty fridge offered little to me this morning, but it's almost like Rentrayage could read my mind because the presentation offered a spread of gourmet pastries and a coffee bar. I grabbed a cardamom bun and an Americano and felt ready to take on the rest of the day.

Strolling a few blocks down to Mercer Street, I had the chance to preview Khaite's first-ever brick-and-mortar outpost before it opens to the public tomorrow. Designer Catherine Holstein's architect husband, Griffin Frazen, designed the brutalist industrial-feeling space with exposed concrete that featured purposeful imperfections the brand hopes mirror the "imperfect beauty" of its clothes. I was in awe. The sunlight streamed through a long sliver of a skylight that runs the length of the store, creating a striking contrast within the space. It also boasts a bucida buceras tree that the team has already named "shady lady," red-light dressing rooms, and torqued steel sculptures that reminded me of the Richard Serra sculpture I used to pass every day on UCLA's campus."


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"I had a break in my day, so I went home to do some writing and, yes, eat a real meal before my evening events. Next up was a preview for Interior, a brand that already has fashion insiders buzzing about its cool-girl aura despite still being in its first few seasons. The fall lineup it showed was a tightly edited portrait of what designers Lily and Jack are calling "post-breakup sleaze," and I was immediately captivated by a tailored maxi coat in the most powerful shade of cherry red, a color that I've already been spotting a lot of this week on the runways and wearing myself.

After Markarian's pretty presentation set in a New Orleans–style townhouse, I strolled my weary bones over to my favorite West Village natural-wine outpost, St. Jardim, for a celebratory glass of orange to close out the week and took the bus home because my legs felt like Jell-O after all the biking." — Anna LaPlaca, editor


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On Anna LaPlaca: Amo Long Rib Tank ($85); Pipatchara Carnelian Fringe Jacket ($870); Déhanche Louison Belt ($220); Mansur Gavriel Pleated Mini Cloud Clutch ($745); Lexxola Lulu Sunglasses ($320)

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Day 6


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"I woke up earlier than I would have liked this Valentine's Day morning, but I wanted to get a good start to day six because it was kicking off with one of my favorite shows every season: Brandon Maxwell. After a very quick (I think I was there for maybe 30 minutes) trip to the gym, I was off to Midtown East for the show, which took place in a gorgeous, very raw space. At my seat was this adorable silver-wrapped box of chocolates that became my companion from 10 a.m. when this show was scheduled until 4 p.m. when I stopped home to record an episode of Who What Wear's podcast with my co-worker Anna. The collection, as per usual, was a lesson in simple, elegant dressing. It was filled with exquisite tailoring that felt interesting and cool rather than expected or "classic," from sweater co-ords to lightweight long coats to jorts—yes, jorts."


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"After Anna and I got photos of our outfits over by the East River, I jumped in a cab to show up only slightly late to an appointment at Marina Moscone's showroom, where I was greeted with a much-needed coffee and a stellar selection of pieces that felt very not Moscone, a point the designer agreed with me on. According to her, this collection marks a significant step away from her usual modest, hyper-elegant style with its micro shorts, ballerina-style slips, and sheer touches. After bookmarking the shorts in my brain for fall, I headed to Tribeca to the Greenwich Hotel, one of my all-time favorites in the city, to meet with Rodebjer and preview the Swedish brand's new collection. It was there that I spotted this life-changing baby-pink faux-fur coat and matching slippers. I also saw (and felt) mohair sweaters, tailored sets, and a bevy of covetable coats worthy of investing in for next winter. 

Since the weather's been particularly nice this week, I walked home and began working on the outline for Anna and I's episode of the podcast (which will be out soon!) and later met up with her for lunch at Ruby's in SoHo to flesh out our ideas. From there, we headed to Kallmeyer, an NYC-based brand that specializes in gorgeous wardrobe essentials. Daniella, the designer, focused a lot of the collection on cool, unexpected details, like built-in ties and scarves, which will no doubt be everywhere in the coming months. Post-recording, I ran out the door to head to Altuzarra's 8 p.m. show at the New York Public Library. Supersized beanies, hygge-esque ready-to-wear, and brightly colored parkas paired with maxi dresses dominated the dimly lit runway, all of which were inspired by Greek mythology, specifically the book Greek Myths: A New Retelling by Charlotte Higgins, which every editor took home an annotated copy (from Joseph Altuzarra himself) of. 

After a quick call with my boyfriend, where we discussed the Valentine's Day plans we'll carry out once NYFW isn't running my life, I passed out, lulled by the perfection of that pink furry coat." – Eliza Huber, fashion editor


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On Eliza Huber: Khaite dress; Calzedonia 50 Denier Total Comfort Soft Touch Tights ($9); Prada Medium Brushed Leather Supernova Handbag ($4400); Linda Farrow Cara Oval Acetate Sunglasses ($359)

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Day 5


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"Today, I was an uptown gal. I took the train and emerged above ground to this gorgeous view of Central Park—the perfect antidote for fashion-week anxiety. Carolina Hererra was showing at The Plaza Hotel, so I felt like Eloise filing into a big ballroom. The clothes were prim and pretty, and I loved watching the reactions of the woman across from me in the leopard hat. Doesn't she look like Audrey Hepburn? Her posture was preternatural, and I almost worked up the courage to ask her to adopt me."


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"I returned to my hotel, the gorgeous Beekman, for a proper breakfast (a rarity during fashion week) with Editorial Director Lauren Eggertsen. From there, it was a Tibi preview, then back uptown for Coach, and I closed the day with Tory Burch. Both shows truly impressed me. They're absolutely on a hot streak right now. I finished the day blasting out show requests for Paris Fashion Week and slurping down a bowl of white bean soup." — Kat Collings, editor in chief


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On Kat Collings: A.L.C. Finley Oversize Wool Blend Jacket & Scarf ($596); vintage blouse; Raey pants; Wandler Uma Shoulder Bag ($649); Vehla Finn Sunglasses ($180); BY FAR x Mimi Cuttrell Buckled Leather Slingback Pumps ($308)

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Day 4


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"Im a big fan of lazy Sundays, but that’s clearly not a thing during fashion week. I consider myself lucky to still have woke up past 9 a.m., as I didn’t have much on my schedule until later. I must admit, however, that I did think about shutting off my alarm and staying put in bed.

"I managed to splash some water on my face and get dressed. Double denim has been a favorite among the fashion set, and I think of it as an easy solution to outfit dilemmas. With that and a speedy makeup application in mind, I headed toward the train within 15 minutes. After a pitstop at Starbucks for some additional energy, I was off to my first and only show of the day: Alejandra Alonso Rojas.

"The brand is a favorite of mine every season, and it always decides on the most intimate and gorgeous locations in the city, this time at Casino. My fellow editors and I sat in the luxe red booths as the models slowly walked through the restaurant. Standout trends we noticed were pops of red, more rosettes, and tons of floor-sweeping maxi hemlines. Rojas always incorporates romantic elements in her designs that leave me swooning every time.”


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"After the show, a few editors and I went to Nine Orchard for some coffee and créme brûlée before our team get-together. We admired the breathtaking architecture of the former bank building, which, according to our waiter, was built in 1912. It seems that amid fashion week, my Sunday was more about food than clothes. (It happens.) We then headed toward Hotel Chelsea for our team hangout, and I can honestly only describe the night as both iconic and chaotic. We ordered many drinks and quite a few orders of fries and bread. We chatted through our weeks, laughed at our less glamorous moments, and most of all, filmed some TikToks. Yes, even dance ones. You’ll just have to take a look at our account to see the proof.

"While I love bouncing from show to show, today proved that a lot of what I love about the industry is connecting with friends (old and new). Amid the schedule craziness, it’s important to have people to lean on. Yes, I love the work, but I love the people behind it even more. I’ll end it here before I start getting even sappier.” — Yusra Siddiqui, associate fashion editor


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On Yusra Siddiqui: AG Jeans jacket; Mango Denim Long Skirt ($80); Vagabond Edwina Knee High Boot ($265); Zara Minimal Flap Shoulder Bag ($40)

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Day 3


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"Ah, day three of NYFW. While I had high hopes, I’d be gallivanting about the city going from show to show, once I woke up, I realized I needed to have a chiller day than initially planned. Don't get me wrong, I live for seeing collections IRL, but after traveling to Copenhagen for fashion week, I woke up this morning spent. So I emailed a few brands to move appointments, threw on a cozy sweaterdress, and dragged myself to my local coffee shop. After successfully fulfilling my daily caffeine intake requirements, I walked back to my apartment.

"I spent a few hours writing a trend guide for Who What Wear and working on an outline for an upcoming cover story. I then decided to clean up my place, as I had yet to unpack any of my outfits from Copenhagen, and my apartment looked like a department store after Black Friday. Once I’d solved that issue, I began planning outfits for the remaining days of NYFW. This season, I was able to borrow a few incredible vintage pieces from What Goes Around Comes Around and rent some items from Rent the Runway, so I began styling all of those to ensure that I had a few looks covered for the coming days. After that, I was ready to head out for the day, so I grabbed an Uber and headed to Spring Studios, where a ton of runway shows are held every season, for Tia Adeola.

"I was so excited to attend Tia Adeola’s show this season, as I could not make it last year, and she’s one of my favorite Black designers right now. The show started a little later than expected, but it had a beautiful introduction where an opera singer came out in a full lace dress and walked around the runway. While Tia Adeola’s pieces are always super pretty, I was obsessed with her sheer black gowns that featured draping at the shoulders. After the show, I decided to avoid going back out into the cold and went down a floor to grab sparkling water and French fries (aka, fashion-week fuel) at Spring Studios’ restaurant with a few of my fellow editors. We talked about shows and caught up to kill some time before Sergio Hudson.”


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"While I wasn’t bouncing from show to show all day, I’m so glad I was intentional and went to Sergio Hudson because it was so worth it. He also happens to be a Black designer I live and die for, so having the privilege to see his work is something I cherish deeply. This season, we, of course, saw a nod to the classic tailoring he’s built his brand off of throughout the collection. But the show was refreshing because we saw Hudson branch out and try something new. The collection was filled with touches of ’80s nostalgia reflected through neon minidresses and pointed shoulder pads. There were so many fun looks in this show; it brought me so much joy, but I was mainly obsessed with Hudson’s take on the Canadian tuxedo—the dramatic shoulder pads and wide-leg jeans styled with a matching Brandon Blackwood bag were just *chef's kiss.*” — Jasmine Fox-Suliaman, fashion editor


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On Jasmine Fox-Suliaman: Jenny Bird Nouveaux Puff Earrings ($120); What Goes Around Comes Around vintage blazer; Aritzia Melina Pant ($148); Mansur Gavriel M Frame Baguette ($545); Steve Madden heels

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Day 2


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"Technically, I only went to four shows today, yet somehow I feel completely defeated… in a good way? After a very rich lunch at Lure Fishbar complete with one too many crispy rice appetizers and decadent spicy crab pasta, I headed across the Williamsburg Bridge with the help of a chic Blacklane SUV for my first Rodarte show ever. The show was located at an old bank in Brooklyn, and yes, I had to try to keep my cool as I walked inside for many reasons. Besides the fact that there were more A-list celebrities seated in the front row directly next to me than I could count, the set design was one of the craziest things I've seen at a fashion show as of late. In the middle of the runway was a glitter-covered tablescape lined with silver glitter-adorned chickens, bread loaves, and romantic tall flickering candles. Naturally, the clothes themselves were otherworldly, and I left feeling like splurging on a Rodarte gown wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world.

"Later in the evening, I went to a triathlon of shows: Jonathan Simkhai, Prabal Gurung, and Dion Lee. Each one served a very different vibe that I haven’t quite fully comprehended as I sit here and type this with pizza on one side of my laptop and a glass of wine on the other. For now, however, all you need to know is that Emily Ratajkowski closed Jonathan Simkhai, Prabal Gurung was held at the New York Public Library, and Dion Lee showed a no-pants look that makes me genuinely scared for the fact that I think this trend is really becoming something. And with that, goodnight.” — Lauren Eggertsen, editorial director


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On Lauren Eggertsen: Source Unknown Box Pleated Skirt ($175) and sweater; Zara Metallic Slingback Heels ($50); Prada Medium Brushed Leather Supernova Handbag ($4400); Hugh Ugoli Bamboo Dress Socks ($17)

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Day 1


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"I woke up bright and early despite my late night of fashion week kickoff parties that sent me to bed at 1 a.m. because I had quite the busy day of appointments. The runway shows don’t really start until tomorrow, so today was all about getting a preview of some spring and fall collections. My first stop was Nadine Merabi, a London-based brand that specializes in party wear—right up my alley. I got to see every jaw-dropping item in its collection up close and personal and decided I had to try everything on. I ended up walking away with the most beautiful cropped blazer and tweed matching set that I can’t wait to wear. Then I hopped in a cab to the Upper East Side, where I previewed Larroudé’s shoe collection and actually showed up in my favorite denim shoes from the brand. The event had me so ready for sandal season.

"Unfortunately, the water in my building was shut off, so today’s work-from-home session took place at one of my favorite cafés, Gotan. Warning: The place is extremely busy at 12 p.m., so naturally, that is the time of day that I ended up there. Working through the chaos, I checked off some stories on my list and then made my way to the final preview of the day, LaPointe. Its feathery, netted, and sheer pieces made me want to catch a flight to Coachella immediately.”


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"I changed for a low-key evening where I stopped by Clinique’s Black History Month event and got to meet up with my friends to check out a cool new spot. Public Hotel just opened private and heated igloos on its rooftop, and the view from up there was amazing. We could see both Downtown and Uptown at once. Plus, the food was incredibly delicious. Getting together with your girls before fashion week truly kicks off is crucial for the mental health. I’m officially ready for the busy days ahead.” — Sierra Mayhew, associate fashion editor


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On Sierra Mayhew: Banana Republic Uma Denim Trench Coat ($270); 7 for All Mankind Classic Denim Shirt ($188); Goldsign The Martin High-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans ($295); Larroudé Candy Denim Mules ($330)

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